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Murder most foul has been committed. This villain is among you! Who can you trust? You all have secrets to protect. When you host a Dinner and a Murder Mystery Party your guests will be immersed in an evening of treachery, murder, blackmail, intrigue and back stabbing. All with no scripts to read! See how cunning your friends really are!

Dinner and a Murder July 2003 Contest Winner

This months winner was PJ. from Tarpon Springs, Florida. She really went all out on decorating for the Grand Opening of the Four Deuces!

Madam Meme & Don Wannabe
PJ -aka: Madam MeMe and Don Wannabe!

Wow, did we ever have a SPECTACULAR time with your game "Murder at the Four Deuces". We started planning the game in early February and set a date of March 8. When March 8th finally rolled around, everyone was SO excited. We transformed our house into quite the 1920's speakeasy. We had a dinner area, all decked out with stars, garland, tinsel, and balloons. We had a cheesy silver tablecover and a giant, stand up deck of cards as the centerpiece.

Our family room was transformed into the dance hall and casino/gaming area. The digital cable music channels provided great 1920's music all night. We covered the breakfast nook in green plastic, which became the blackjack table. And believe me.. it got used A LOT. Many people even took advantage of the music to do the Charleston.

We removed our sliding glass doors and strung white lights around the door frame and also all around the top of the screened area of the pool. We set up a full bar out by the pool, and each guest was asked to bring a bottle of his or her favorite spirits.

When people began arriving, no one could believe how wonderful all the costumes were. Our Carrie Crooner looked wonderful as the opera singer, and Capo Tequila had a great white pinstripe suit.

We had been concerned that it would not run smoothly, or something would go wrong, but we were happily surprised. Everything fell into place exactly as it was supposed to. We even popped a balloon to simulate the gunshot!! It was great and everyone screamed!

We photocopied real money on bright green paper and there was A LOT of bribing and extortion going on. At the end of the night, only one person guessed the murderer correctly.

Everyone had such a blast and keeps asking when the next party is. Thanks for creating such a wonderful game, it truly was a treat to play.

PJ (AKA Madam Meme)

Tarpon Springs, FL

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