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Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games

Murder most foul has been committed. This villain is among you! Who can you trust? You all have secrets to protect. When you host a Dinner and a Murder Mystery Party your guests will be immersed in an evening of treachery, murder, blackmail, intrigue and back stabbing. All with no scripts to read! See how cunning your friends really are!

Dinner and a Murder June 2003 Contest Winner

This months winner was Susan H. from Orlando, Florida.

Rick & Susan
Rick & Susan - the Hosts!

Our murder party was such a success, I just had to share it!

Information about the party was sent well in advance in order to allow plenty of time for costume gathering and other preparations. We created a web site for guests to refer to at any time for all party details. This turned out to be a great idea...the amount of work and detail that went into the costumes was truly amazing!

Our evening of murder and mayhem started with everyone arriving and having a photograph taken. Each person was to bring an appetizer that was labeled with a murder theme or 1920's theme. Some of the food we enjoyed included Murderous Meatballs, Speakeasy Spinach Dip, and honor of the Ravioli family! All guests brought their own "bathtub gin" due to the Prohibition being in effect. The host announcement was made and then Carrie Crooner got the party started with her rendition of "All That Jazz" on the kitchen countertop! Carrie did this despite the fact that her only prior singing experience was in the church choir! 1920's music continued to play in the background throughout the evening.

Not long after Carrie's performance, a gunshot was heard during a toast given by Big Jim. The Inspector pronounced Big Jim dead while Carrie moaned and wailed over the body, and then he was carried out. The Inspector insisted that everyone remain until the murder was solved. Thereafter, activities at the Four Deuces included dancing, sleuthing, and gambling. Black Jack and Roulette were a popular choice, and there also was much bribery taking place.

Many accusations were flying about and every time Dr. Heckle and his counterpart made an appearance, things got wild! After several hours of bribery and information gathering, all guests made their prediction of " who dunnit". The Inspector then revealed the identity of the murderer. Guests also voted on their choice for Best Male Costume, Best Female Costume, Best Actor, & Best Actress. Prizes were awarded to each sleuth who solved the murder (we had four out of 22 guests who solved correctly). Prizes were also given to the person with the most money and to two couples who traveled the farthest. The party was in Florida and we had one couple from California in attendance! Costume winners received Blockbuster gift cards and all other winners received chances to win the Florida lottery and "scratch off" cards (in keeping with the gambling theme!).

After the prizes were awarded, we fast forwarded to 2003 with contemporary dancing and more party fun! A few people changed out of their costumes but most guests continued with the 1920's theme until the party concluded. It was such a great time and several people asked when we could do it again! I can't wait!

Thanks for a wonderful experience that will be remembered!

Susan H.

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Game Pictures

Tim & Wendy
Big Jim's lady even bleached her eyebrows to get into character! (Tim & Wendy)

Group Dance
Doin' The Charleston!

Inspector (Manny) reveals the Murderer!

The Blackjack Dealer
The Black Jack Dealer (Heidi)