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Murder most foul has been committed. This villain is among you! Who can you trust? You all have secrets to protect. When you host a Dinner and a Murder Mystery Party your guests will be immersed in an evening of treachery, murder, blackmail, intrigue and back stabbing. All with no scripts to read! See how cunning your friends really are!

Dinner and a Murder May 2003 Contest Winner

This months winner was Deb K. from Lititz, PA. It looks like her group had a really great time! Deb also gives some outstanding ideas for throwing a fun Murder at the Four Deuces Party.

Murder Mystery Game Dinner Party

It was May 3rd a fairly warm Saturday evening, I converted my house into a 1920's speakeasy with a lounge area for sitting, conversing and other sordid affairs that went on that evening, we had the Charleston and many other popular sounds from the era playing through the evening, the kitchen was converted into a gaming room, where the gents and ladies enjoyed roulette, poker, dice and blackjack....many a blackmail and talk happened around these tables, the deck was converted into the bar area with table and soft lighting....

It was a a night to remember...the invited guests started to arrive at 7:15 for the grand opening of the 4 Deuces. The guests were a flamboyant group, many running with a few of the "Families" in the NY and Chicago area, there were artists and actors and people who just wanted to be seen! Don and MeMe Wannabe were a delightful host, and me, I was hired by the couple to make sure the evening went smoothly. I made sure the guests where entertained, fed and enjoyed beverages....Dancing and gambling and some chit chat went on for several minutes when "Big" Jim called all the guests into the lounge to make a toast to his host and hostess for a wonderful evening and he was just about ready to make an announcement when the lights went out and Big Jim fell over dead.......the evening went from there....the Congressman was trying to buy votes, the ladies were blackmailing each other because they all knew each other was sleeping with their man.....The Baroness murdered several people whom she did not like and got into her way......

The blackjack table was a popular spot to meet, converse and trade secrets and money!!!! The lounge area reveled many secrets and rendezvous of various characters....

The evening was a true success and everyone can't wait until we have the next one!!! The costumes were great.... we had 25 people in all.....and everyone played their part to the hilt!!!!

Thank you for making the first murder mystery party that this group has ever done a hit and an annual event...if they have it their way twice a year event...

They want me to start working on the next big event of the season..
Just wanted to let you know how successful the Murder at the 4 Deuces went for me. It was awesome!

The gang had so much fun, they can't wait for the next one. I have gotten so much great response from everyone that was at the party, to people who want to be invited to the next one!! It was a blast. The costumes were great, the characters were well played, we had so much wheeling and dealing and scheming no one wanted the evening to stop!!!! I had fun changing my home into the 4 Deuces, I made flower arrangements that were used throughout and had vines hanging down at several places, the living room was set up like a lounge, with small round table and chairs that we set up and covered with white linens, we had music playing all evening from the 1920-1930 era, I had a bar set up on my deck where we also put round tables and chairs and had soft lighting for a mood room!!! The kitchen was a gaming room, with black jack, poker, dice and roulette and this was very popular.......big money was being gambled that evening both on the tables and with others blackmailing each other..... The Baroness killed anyone who talked bad about Vicki....I think they were in cahoots with each other!!!!! We had 25 people who participated......some a bit more hesitant than others, but most of them played their parts so was fun to watch them all work each other over..... I found play money and feathers all over my house the next day......Everyone who was "murdered", Don Wannabe stole their money.,..he ended up winning the prize for the most money at the end of the evening....we had 3 guests that correctly guessed who killed "Big Jim" and the costumes were fabulous.....they all went out after the party was over to a local club and the group was the talk of our town for a few days......more people now want to be invited to the next murder event..... So I'll need one with some more characters again......!!

Thanks for a great evening....

Deb K.
Lititz, PA

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