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Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games

Murder most foul has been committed. This villain is among you! Who can you trust? You all have secrets to protect. When you host a Dinner and a Murder Mystery Party your guests will be immersed in an evening of treachery, murder, blackmail, intrigue and back stabbing. All with no scripts to read! See how cunning your friends really are!

Dinner and a Murder October 2003 Contest Winner

This months winner was Mary Lofty!

Madam Meme & Don Wannabe

Mary Lee,
Remember me? I was the one who purchased your game and then had difficulty unzipping the file until you helped me out.  Twenty-seven of us played the Four Deuces mystery as a staff party on 10-25-03.
Included you will find a few snapshots of our Four Deuces party:
Photo 1: Baroness Ravioli consoles Rebecca after Jim's death.
Photo 2: Madame MeMe and Don Wannabe strike a pose at the Grand Opening.
Photo 3: Super Sleuth was won by the professional gambler.  He was the only one to correctly guess. Most folks incorrectly guessed Al Capone or Toto Tequila.
Photo 4: Big Jim Ravioli immediately after the murder and getting dragged from the scene of the crime. (He was too big to carry off.) Note the "blood" stains on his white shirt.
Photo 5:  "The Nose" Nutella presents the facts.
Photo 6:  Toto Tequila and Vanessa Crooner.
We truly enjoyed your mystery.  The pre party materials were just enough to give people background info, ideas for their costumes, and get everyone excited about the big event.  Having the event close to Halloween helped all participants be able to shop and find their costumes more easily.  As you can see from the photos, the staff went all out with their attire. 

Those present who had played the box set mysteries in the past were especially impressed, as they felt it was much more challenging and interesting than what they had played at other parties.  Your suggestions for designating characters helped a great deal. The way the characters were interwoven with fascinating subplots made everyone an integral part of the game.  Not once did we talk about work...and the way the characters had to mingle, the party forced people to get out of their groups they were comfortable with at other staff socials. 

Your ideas for food were also great. We had everyone bring either an appetizer or dessert with a 1920's theme as you suggested.  Lots of creativity went into these as well.  Dessert was served after the murder, giving participants a chance to read over their additional information as they ate. 

Only one guest was able to solve the mystery, but all had fun trying to find the solution.  The certificates were fun to hand out and a great way to wrap up the evening. 

We'll definitely consider purchasing another mystery from you!
Mary Lofy
P.S.  I think you have a marketable audience with teaching staffs...very creative people who LOVE to have fun!

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