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Murder most foul has been committed. This villain is among you! Who can you trust? You all have secrets to protect. When you host a Dinner and a Murder Mystery Party your guests will be immersed in an evening of treachery, murder, blackmail, intrigue and back stabbing. All with no scripts to read! See how cunning your friends really are!

Dinner and a Murder September 2003 Contest Winner

This months winner was Rebecca from Nottingham, England.

Madam Meme & Don Wannabe

I thought I would drop you a line from Nottingham, England to let you know of the success of the opening night of the Four Deuces!  My boyfriend, Andrew, and I hosted the evening as Don Wannabe and Madame MeMe, going for a glamorous flapper look and a flashy gangster suit.  I made most of the preparations as the evening was a surprise for my 'husband', Don.  I phoned around to arrange the guest list, and when all our closest friends were confirmed I made my invitations.  In order to make them something special I handmade individual cards for each guest using different 1920's images taken from websites and books (one of charleston dancers which was on the cover of Time magazine was particularly successful), and decorated them with sequins and glitter for extra sparkle.  I also included more detailed costume requirements for each character as many of my guests would not know much of 1920's style, and having more detailed guidelines (e.g Al Capone had to have a black eye) would be a big help to them.  I then set about finding music and decorations for the evening.  I found much useful jazz on a cd called "Encyclopedia of Jazz", and then we had several called "Hits from 1921" etc.  I kept the decoration simple, as I knew I wouldn't have much time while 'Don' was out to prepare; I just used sheets of crepe paper in gold and black to create a panelled effect on the wall, and gathered various candleabra and fairy lights to create a glamorous soft lighting look. I also covered up all electrical equipment with luxurious drapes (e.g. the tv).  Most guests ate before they arrived, and so I just provided 'nibbles', such as a cheeseboard with oven-baked camembert and various crudites and dips.  This was another successful idea as it meant I didn't have to spend too long in the kitchen when making preparations and could enjoy the evening to the full.  My final preparation was to get hold of a mixture of dainty china teacups, to give the 'speakeasy' that 'Prohibition' feel (as in the film "Some like it Hot").  I think this added and extra excitement, and meant I didnt have to worry about glasses being smashed, as all the cups were bought cheaply in local charity shops. 

So anyway, on the night of the party my sister and I got ready at the house with a glass of wine and some jazz to put us in the mood, and then welcomed our guests to the "Four Deuces", complete with American accents! I would recommend accents to any English players, as it really helped create an atmosphere.  The party went with a real swing, our 'Big Jim', (Joe) was fantastic and threw himself into the part with gusto, winning best acting and best costume! Our detective also came through, once he got over his nerves, and became quite adept at grilling people, and putting on the pressure! 

I've never had such a good reaction to a party, and have received many text messages and phone calls to say thank you. I think everyone really relished the chance to get glammed up (the girls) and gangstered up (the boys), and really entered into the spirit of the evening.  By the end I think we had fulfilled our quota for murder AND mayhem, even though only four of the guests solved the murder!
So, thank you for a fantastic night, and I hope you like the photos! 

Our three murder victims, turned inspectors having a 'very important meeting'... all looking a little worse for wear!

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