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Party Theme Ideas
Murder Party Crime Scene Kit
Crime Scene Kit
includes, 5 bright yellow evidence markers, a large stick of glow in the dark chalk and a standard 100 foot roll of Spooky Tape"s "Caution Crime Scene Do Not Enter".
Game Money
Game Money
Provide your guests with plenty of money for their nefarious schemes! 25 packs of bills. Enough for 25 Guests.
Personalized Banners
Personalized Banners
Come in various sizes
Gangster Hats
Gangster Hats!
Different styles and colors available for your 1920's party.
Roaring twenties costume accessories
1920's Costume Accessories
Sequined Headbands, boas, bowties and gloves.
Big Band Swing CD
Big Band Swing CD
Many of the favorites that were originally recorded by Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington and more.
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Murder Mystery Games for Kids and Teens

Murder at the Four Deuces for TEENS

10-20 Players (Up to 40 Players with our Extra Character Packets)
Parents should view the Intro first to decide if game is appropriate for their teens party.

Murder At The Four Deuces is a rip roaring 1920's gangster murder mystery game with lots of fun, murder, bribery and back stabbing to be had. Some of the guests will include gangsters, politicians, singers and gamblers.
I received so many requests from parents looking for a mystery game for their kids birthday parties that I went on a search for kids mystery game kits. In the process I met a very nice woman called the Birthday Party Games Lady, who has created some fantastic kids mystery games. I have seen each of these game kits and feel confident in recommending them to you.

Please remember that if you buy the games below, you are buying it from The Birthday Party Lady (the author). Refer to her website for any help before or after purchase. Just click on the title to see more details and the link to the authors website.

Harry Potter

10-20 Players Reccommended
For 8-11 Year Age Group
The kids take their chances with the Sorting Hat, draw on their knowledge of Harry Potter lore (limited to Book 1 for this age group), make potions, cast spells, and of course, play Quidditch. Includes a mystery to solve at the end of the party.

Magica Party

10 Players
For 10-11 Year Age Group
For this party, the kids will be the Fairytale Players, presenting the original play "Saving Magica". It's got good vs. evil, Queens and Princesses, witches and a Sorceress, a Fairy and a Fairy Godmother.

Medieval Madness

14, 15, 19 or 23 Players
For 11-13 Year Age Group
Murder Mystery Role Playing Game. In the Medieval Madnessgames package, each guest gets a part and a brief description of the other characters and the "situation" included with their "fancy" invitation.  The kids come in costume appropriate to their part and interact with the other players to achieve certain objectives, also provided ahead of time. A murder occurs during the party (you need an adult male to play this shortened part), followed by a medieval trial by ballot (You'll be amazed- they all want to be the guilty one!)


11-15 Players or 2 teams of 10
For 8-10 Year Age Group
The Detective birthday party games package is a Search and Riddle party. An age-appropriate take on a "Murder-Mystery", it's actually two games: the first a variation of "Guess Who" and the second, longer game a riddle-ridden form of a Treasure Hunt where they puzzle out and search for hidden clues that bring the "ghost" back to life before the end of the party.


10-20 Players
6-8 Year Age Group
The Survivor birthday party games package is a series of short, quick moving games. The games sequence together around the Survivor theme, but no one is voted "off" and it's structured as a friendly and fun team competition.. The children use their brains, their imaginations, do some "yucky stuff" that they love, and make a lot of noise.
Murder Mystery Games
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