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A roaring 20's gangster murder mystery that takes place at the Four Deuces speakeasy. 10 Player or 12-20 Player Versions available in Teen and Mature.

This is the sequel to our very popular Murder at the Four Deuces gangster game.

A Clean Romantic murder mystery suitable for very conservative groups. A 1950's theme that takes place at a Class reunion. 12-32 Player & 10 Player Versions.

A romantic murder mystery with a Class Reunion theme. You can use any year or decade theme for this game. 3 versions: 12-32 Players in Spicy or Clean & a Clean 10 Player.

A contemporary murder mystery that takes place at the Christmas Party of the law firm Lie, Cheat & Steal. 8 Player & 10-15 Player Versions.

Mystery Games for kids of all ages. Spy Kids, Harry Potter, Survivor, Detective & Medieval Madness!

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Roaring 20's

The Fifties


Murder at the Four Deuces Customer Reviews

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I just held a retirement party and used “Murder at the Four Deuces” as the theme. I've attached my pictures and how the party turned out.  It was more fun than a barrel of monkeys!  I can't wait to host another one!

Greetings and Happy New Year!!
I purchased Murder at the Four Deuces for a New years Eve party. I'd never hosted a murder mystery before. Although I've been to restaurants and had wonderful time. None of my 22 friends had experienced anything like this before. And I just have to tell you it was AWESOME!! I was overwhelmed at the positive response from everyone. Even the next day I received calls from everyone! No exceptions! telling me what a wonderful time it was and expressing hope that I do it again next year! Which I plan to do. I'm thinking of a spring/summer mystery as well.
I just wanted to thank you and pass along the response. I will be checking the site out regularly for themes that interest me. But if you know of any Pirate themes for 12-30 people, please let me know.
Again... many many thanks!
Cheri M. - Silver Spring, Maryland

"We ran Murder at the Four Deuces last weekend and it was a blast. We had 2 people who conspired together to knock off the Don and the Capo to take over their operations. They had the investigator in their back pocket. Madam MeMe had someone whacked. There were more schemes and deals going on at our party than in Washington D.C. We had 4 'murders' committed by the end of the evening! Thanks for a very memorable evening." J. King - Carson City, NV

The Four Dueces script was amazing. I went to a friends house for the party...and it was the best party i've ever been to. It was all mental fun too, not like a drunken party. You're genious. Keep up the amazing work!

I'm still recovering from the totally awesome party. Murder at the Four Deuces, New Year's Eve Party. Wow - I knew this would be fun for me because I LOVE to dress up! But I couldn't believe how many of my guests dressed up too! That's what makes it so fun. It's easy to get into character and play roles when you are dressed the part. It's like everyone was just waiting for an excuse to play make believe.

I was afraid the game wouldn't run itself and I would have to spend time getting people going…WRONG! I had a great inspector and Don Wannabe who just kept the ball going. Even one of the extra characters, Dr. Hugh DeMann took it upon himself to check and confirm the deaths of guests. Speaking of deaths, I had no idea that we would end up having over 8 people murdered! And everyone was so sly about it! I was also surprised at the bribery and blackmail that went on - even stealing of money!

This party was so much fun. I did basics on the invitations so I could spend more time and money on décor - but even that ended up being inexpensive.

Invitations: First I did an email/phone calls to see who could come. Then I assigned characters and sent the brochure, character information and guest list. People actually read them ahead of time!

Name tags: I had fun with the name tags. Added a playing card and black paper to the template that Mary provided and then hung a safety pin off the top.

Décor: When people walked in they received their money, name tag and confidential information. Before they went down to the party, I made a back drop with silver fringe and a Four Deuces sign. I took pictures of each couple in front of it. The pictures will be great souvenirs. I purchased 2 decks of cards and placed cards in centerpieces (crystal containers with purple, green & gold Xmas balls in them), on mantles in greenery, on tables etc. I also purchased strands of gold, purple and green beads and laid them around and wrapped the banisters. That's it…easy but bright and fun and got the point across!

A couple of days before the party I sent a email to guests titled "Let's Charleston" and reminded them to look over their stuff and be ready to murder and mayhem - I think that helped people get excited too. I would totally do a murder mystery party again and Four Deuces was great because the costumes were so fun!

Here are some of the comments I have received via email today and I am attaching some pictures. Shannon G. - Lees Summit, MO

"IT WAS THE GREATEST PARTY EVER!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Thanks for inviting us, we both had so much fun! Party on 2003!!!"

"I think I had too much fun. Great party!"

"It was fun, thanks for being a great host. I am going to set up a murder mystery for the seniors in my rec dept."

"Thank you for the wonderful evening. We had a great time!!! Michael was still trying to figure out the murder even after we went to bed. I finally had to tell him to be quiet and go to sleep!"

"WOW!!!!!! What a great time Clyde and I had. I just want to thank you and Scott for including us. We met some really fine people too!!"

Shannon's Party Picts

Shannon & Scott

Cindy & Dave

Cheryl & Jim

Steph, Tony & Sean

Senator, Mayor & Sly

Deck the Halls with Decks of Cards

Cute Idea for Name Tags

Shannon's Party!

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