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4 Deuces Females Extra Character Packet - T-Rated

4 Deuces Females Extra Character Packet - T-Rated
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List of the female characters in this extra character packet. This packet is to be used with our Murder at the Four Deuces games only. These ARE THE SAME female characters found in our 4DT-CP1 and 4DT-CP2 extra character packets.

Betty Kant claims to be a forensic entomologist who prefers to be called a maggotologist. Her knowledge of bugs can reveal when, where, and sometimes how, a victim died. At least, these are the claims she makes. Sounds like voodoo science to us.

May Flowers is a quirky psychologist, whose favorite pastime is analyzing everyone she meets.

Vera Leigh is a celebrated artist. In fact, she is almost famous. They say she produced some of the best forgeries of famous works seen in recent years.

Kikki Kickit is a for hire bodyguard. While many find the occupation unusual, or even scandalous, they would not dare say anything about it. She was trained in the Far East and it is said that she can kill a man with one strike.

Jenna Feline is a very eccentric heiress. She has oodles of cats and dresses quite strangely.

Penny Cheatum is a high profile attorney who specializes in “Family” Law.

Serina Siren and her brother come from Italy. Her father, Guido, disappeared after rumors that he was plotting his boss’s demise. The Sicily Family thought it would be best for the Siren children to see America. Serina is known to be a very modern woman who has the brains and looks to get what she wants.

Glenna Glib was voted “Most Talkative Person” every year in college. I don’t’ think any more than that needs to be said. If you have further questions, Glenna will be happy to regale you for hours with the answers. Glenna is the new cocktail waitress at The Four Deuces.

Scoop Jennings is a little known reporter who is beginning to out scoop the big boys.

Color Pencille is an up and coming artist. She comes from a creative family who were scandalized when her mother chose to marry a lawyer! It was simply shocking… a lawyer with no artistic interest whatsoever!