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*4 Deuces Tame MALE Extra Character Packet - Boxed

*4 Deuces Tame MALE Extra Character Packet - Boxed
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List of 10 male characters in this extra character packet. This packet is to be used with our Murder at the Four Deuces games only. These ARE THE SAME male characters found in our 4DT-CP1 and 4DT-CP2 extra character packets.

Harry Hyde is a little paranoid. Okay, so maybe he’s a lot paranoid. His theories are interesting, to say the least.

Stan Dingproud is an absent-minded English Professor. He is very intelligent, but has a habit of walking off in the middle of a conversation.

Hobart T. King made the disaster film “On the Wagon”. It was supposed to be a western, but the few that saw it, said it was a disaster. We have heard that he is here scouting for talent and investors for this new romantic film.

Jimmy Skimmy is an extremely successful accountant. Some wonder just how he came by all of his expensive little toys. Many seem to be outside the reach of even the best accountant’s income.

Robin Banks is called the gentleman thief. Ladies practically swoon at the thought of being robbed by him.

Mr. Smith claims to be in town on business, but no one seems to know him or agree on his business.

Lester Jester is a practical joker. Watch your back with this one around you!

Tom Hops is the suave, talented and friendly Four Deuces bartender.

Sam Siren is the brother of Serina, and son of the deceased Guido Siren. Sam is looking to join a new family. They say he is very talented, but can he be trusted?

R. K. Oswald is the owner of W4DR Radio Station. His station is one of the most listened to in Chicago. He also hosts a talk show.
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*4 Deuces Tame FEMALE Extra Character Packet - Boxed
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