Harry Potter Costumes & Accessories

Welcome Muggles and Wizards to our Harry Potter Costume Showcase!

Harry Potter Scarf

Add that perfect finishing touch to your Harry Potter costume.... more

Harry Potter Dlx Quidditch Box Set Child

Even includes the Golden Snitchâ ¢... more

Harry Potter Rons Wand

Harry Potters best friend, Ron Weasleys wand.... more

Harry Potter Lantern

Take it with you on your next magical adventure.... more

Harry Potter Deluxe Magical Wand

Deluxe wand with light and sound!... more

Harry Potter Dementor Hands Child

Perfect to complete your Dementor costume.... more

Harry Potter Dumbledore Dlx Wizard Hat

The head master of Hogwarts dressed in his finest.... more

Harry Potter Dementor Adult

The scary creatures from the Prisoner of Azkaban.... more

Harry Potter Hogwarts Banner

Add a touch of Hogwarts to your party or decorate your room!... more

Harry Potter Robe Adult

Finally! Now available in Adult size!... more

Harry Potter Scar & Makeup Kit

Harry Potter Scar & Makeup Kit... more

Harry Potter Prof Flitwick Hat

Hogwarts Charms instructor who must stand on a stack of books to see over his desk.... more

Harry Potter Deluxe Child Robe

Its the great boy wizard himself!... more

Harry Potter Task 1 Robe Child

Fashioned after the robe worn by Harry Potter for Task 1 during the Triwizard Tournament hosted by Hogwarts.... more

Harry Potter Dementor Hands Adult

Perfect to complete your Dementor costume.... more

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Deluxe Tie

All students attending Hogwarts that reside in the House of Hufflepuff wear this tie.... more

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Deluxe Scarf

Those of wit and learning will always find their kind in the House of Ravenclaw.... more

Hedwig Owl-Prop

Make sure to pick up Harrys best friend and pet, Hedwig!... more

Harry Potter Madame Hooch Hat

Shes best known as the Broomstick flying instructor at Hogwarts.... more

Harry Potter Student Hat

From first year to last this is the hat worn by the students at Hogwarts.... more

Harry Potter Gryffindor Dlx. Child Robe

Perfect for anyone from the house of Gryffindor.... more

Harry Potter Quidditch Dlx Child Robe

Be Hogwarts next great Seeker to come out of Gryffindor!... more

Harry Potter Malfoys Wand

If Malfoy is your favorite character... you must have this wand!... more

Harry Potter Robe Fiber Optic

Escape into another great Harry Potter story in this fun cape!... more

Harry Potter Super Dlx. Quidditch Child Robe

Which position do you play? Seeker, Beater, Keeper or Chaser?... more

Harry Potter Quidditch Kit

If youre going to play Quidditch, you must have the proper gear.... more

Harry Potter Hermiones Wand

Shes at the top of her class at Hogwarts, and now you can have her wand!... more

Harry Potter Prof McGonagall Hat Dlx

As the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall keeps very busy.... more

Harry Potter Dumbledore Tassle Hat

Another great hat from the Harry Potter movies!... more

Premium H.P. Gryffindor Robe Child

The Ultimate Gryffindor Robe from Harry Potter!... more

Harry Potter Slytherin Dlx. Child Robe

If your favorite characters are from the House of Slytherin this is the robe for you.... more

Harry Potter Quidditch Goggles

An essential part of your Quidditch uniform.... more

Harry Potter Economy Sorting Hat

From the Harry Potterâ ¢ movies.... more

Harry Potter- Hedwig Child

Harry Potters friendly Owl.... more

Premium H.P. Slytherin Robe Child

The ultimate Slytherine Robe!... more

Harry Potter Hogwarts Hat & Scarf

Muggles and Wizards alike will be rushing out to get this Hogwarts hat & scarf set!... more

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Deluxe Scarf

If you are wizard who is just, loyal, and true... than Hufflepuff is the house for you!... more

Harry Potter Broom

Presenting the Firebolt... the fastest, finest, and most famous flying* broom.... more

Harry Potter Slytherin House DeluxeScarf

Perfect for a walk down by the forest or the Whomping Willow.... more

Harry Potter Glasses-Classic Style

For your young wizard in the making!... more

Harry Potter Hogwarts Scarf

The ultimate Harry Potter scarf!... more

Harry Potter Hagrid

From the award winning story of Harry Potter.... more

Harry Potter Hogwarts Dlx Scarf

What everone at Hogwarts will be wearing this season as the weather turns cold!... more

Harry Potter Slytherin Deluxe Tie

For the sharp dressed member of Slytherin House, those cunning folks who use any means to achieve their ends.... more

Harry Potter Moody Patch

Mad-eye Moody, the dark arts professor whos swiveling eye allows him to see more than the average wizard!... more

Harry Potter Tie

Perfect to complete your Gryffindor uniform.... more

Harry Potter Task 3 Child

As worn by Harry Potter for Task 3 during the Triwizard Tournament hosted by Hogwarts.... more

Harry Potter Deluxe Sorting Hat

A different song every year, to delight the students of Hogwarts.... more

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Deluxe Tie

For those who are wise and ready of mind, house of Ravenclaw is where you might find...... more

Harry Potter Dementor Child

The scary creature from the Prisoner of Azkaban... more

Harry Potter Gryffindor House Deluxe Scarf

Perfect for those cold, windy days at Hogwarts Castle.... more

Harry Potter Gryffindor Deluxe Tie

For those who are brave at heart, daring and chivalry will set Gryffindors apart.... more

Murder Mystery Games
  • A roaring 1920's gangster murder mystery party game that takes place at the Four Deuces speakeasy.
    » Murder at the Four Deuces
  • This is our teen rated version of Murder at the Four Deuces. This is not an age rating, but a content rating. Suitable for fund raisers, company team building events and groups a little more conservative.
    » Four Deuces T Rated
  • This is the sequel to our very popular Murder at the Four Deuces gangster game.
    » Four Deuces 2
  • A girls pampering hen party with a very chocolate theme and a little mystery too.
    » Death By Chocolate
  • Political Intrigue among the Vampyr (Vampire) Houses, Mage Guild, Were Clans & the Fae Court. Not your normal ghouls & goblins! Costume Ball setting.
    » The Immortal Murders
  • A contemporary murder mystery game that takes place at the Christmas Party of the law firm Lie, Cheat & Steal.
    » The Santa Clause
  • A romantic murder mystery game with a Class Reunion theme. You can use any year or decade setting for this game.
    » A Killer Reunion
  • A 1950's setting that takes place at a Class reunion. Suitable for conservative and church groups
    » Class of '57
  • Add Extra Characters to your event with these easy to use packets.
    » Extra Character Packets
  • Purchase Gift Certificates for a unique and unusual gift. Gift Certificates are emailed with instructions on how to redeem them for the product of choice!
    » eGift Certificates
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Harry Potter Party Ideas
Box of Magic Tricks
Magic Tricks
Everyone wants to know the secret behind a Magician's tricks. This box has 6 assorted tricks, 12 of each. Packed in individual bags with directions. Great for loot bags
Sparkling Happy Birthday

This colorful prizmatic Happy Birthday Banner will add to your decorations. Each banner is 8' long with 6" colorful letters.
Treasure Chest Pinata Treaure Chest Pinata
Our 12"x 12" treasure chest can be a great centerpiece and then a game.
2 LB. Bag Pinata Toys & Candy
Pinata Goody Filler
Pinata Prizes!
Make filling your pinata easy with our 2 pound bag of candy and toys.
Elegant Gold Party Goods
Elegant Gold, Black or Silver paper & plastic goods for your party.
Personalized Banners
Personalized Banners
Come in various sizes
Pinata Bat & Mask Pinanta Bat and Mask
Bust the pinata with this colorful 28". Make sure to blindfold the participants!