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Island Luau Theme Party Ideas

In Hawaiian the word 'Luau' means feast. A luau is given for any reason, at anytime. Be sure to greet your guests with a shell or flower lei and a big "Aloha". You can also have loose flowers on hand for your guests to tuck behind their ears. If you're available romantically, put the flower behind your right ear. If you're taken, put it closest to your heart, behind your left ear.

This page was created to provide all the resources you need to host the perfect murder mystery theme party. It will save you time and money in your party planning. Here you will find costumes and fashion accessories, decorations, activities, music, menu suggestions with recipes and much more.

If you are looking for something not found here please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to find it.
Murder in Paradise - Experience the ultimate luau theme party with our fun in the sun murder mystery party kit. Coming Soon!
- Floral, Greenery, Tropical
- Tiki Bar, Tiki Torches
- Hawaiian, Raffia, Coconuts
- Leis, Hula Skirts, Mu-Mu's, Aloha Shirts
- Hula, Polynesian drums
- Limbo
- Silk Floral Leis, Beads, Straw Hats
- Roasted Pig, Poi, Fruity Drinks

Costumes & Accessories: Luau Fashions

• To make a hula skirt, use raffia obtained from a local craft store. Several long strands knotted together about 3 inches from each end will serve as the belt. Use additional raffia strands to make the skirt. Fold a strand in half and slide the loop under the belt. Insert the ends into the loop, and pull tight to form a knot around the belt. Repeat with additional strands, pushing the knots together -- the closer the knots, the fuller the skirt. The skirt is to be worn below the waist and above the hips.
- Hawaiian Shirts - Hawaiian shirts are cool, laid back, for hangin' loose.
- Hula Skirt w/Flowers
- Silk Flower Leis Luau Fashions - Costumes, Accessories & Decorations for your luau party.

Books on Hawaiian Luaus

- Entertaining Hawaiian Style: The How to Book of Hawaiian Luaus
- Hawaiian Cookbook
- Hawaiian Mythology
- How to Hula
- New Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary
- Retro Luau: Planning the Perfect Polynesian Party

Cakes: Great cake ideas for your summer party

• Top a cake with any of these items: bananas, shredded coconut and pineapple.
- Erupting Volcano Cake - This is a recipe for an actual erupting cake!
- Hula Dancer Cake - This is for a kids party. You could also take this idea and 'expand' on the idea, if you know what I mean:-)
- Volcano Cake - Another volcano cake (doesn't explode)

Decorations and Crafts for a Luau

• Pack little take out cartons of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts for party favors.
• Have bamboo tikki torches flank your party entrance.
Custom Luau Banners
- DIY Network - Ideas for creating an indoor luau atmosphere.
- Favor Boxes & Bags - Unique ways to present party gifts
- Luau Decorations - A lot of great ideas and decorations for your luau party.
- Leis - How to make a Lei
- Makes Parties - Wholesale Luau Theme Party Decorations
- Party Favors - You will stand out as the perfect hostess with these elegant favors
- Place Card Holders - From Fun to Fancy. They carry some really unique luau themed holders. One Example: brightly painted flip flops with placecard holder that will make a great picture frame for your guests to take home!
- Pirate Party Decorations
- Stay Out Poster - We have created a poster for you to hang in areas that you would like your guests to keep clear of!
Flowered Limbo Kit
This plastic Limbo Kit is easy to assemble. Comes with silk flowers to trim the poles.

Silk Flower Leis
Great for those summer luau parties. Assorted leis come 12 to a pack.

Click Here for many More Lei Colors & Items!

Tropical Scene Setter
Decorate the environment for your party with this 50' by 4' heavy plastic tropical scene. Unroll and unwrap the perfect scene for your luau.

Food & Recipes for hosting a summer Party

- Kalua Pig, Poi, Sweet potatoes, Tropical fruit such as pineapple, mango and papaya, Mai Tai Drinks.
- Paper parasols and slices of pineapple on the edge of drinks will create a tropical mood.
- Serve tropical beverages to guests in Coconut Cups. When the party is over, they’ll take home an extra special souvenir - and think of you every time they drink from the glass!
- Use some festive Tropical Paper Goods and Neon Coconut Cups to enchant your guests! - Fill pineapple boats (slice fresh pineapple in half and cut out the inside of the fruit) with tuna or chicken salad. Be creative and add mandarin oranges, grapes, and slivered almonds or walnuts.
- A delicious and easy centerpiece: Slice a thin piece off the bottom of a fresh pineapple, so that it stands level on a plate. Skewer various pieces of bite-sized fruit (watermelon balls or chunks, grapes, pineapple chunks, strawberries, etc.) on shish-ka-bob sticks. Stick evenly spaced skewers into the pineapple.
- Line a Beachcomber Hat with plastic wrap, and use it as a serving dish for chips, nuts, pretzels, crackers, or other dry food.
- Dinner and a Murder Recipes - These are our own murder themed recipes and suggestions.
- Luau Recipes - Here is a massive collection of Luau Recipes from about.com!
- Luau Recipes - Here are many luau recipes, including Poi and Tropical Drinks!
- Roasted Pig Recipes

Games & other items to set the mood

- Luau, Hula and Hawaiian CD's
- Club Med Luau Tape -Turn your party into a famous Luau Club Med Party. Learn the steps and follow along.
- Hula DVD's
- Murder in Paradise - Experience the ultimate Luau theme party with this fun summer murder mystery party kit.

Jewelry - Accessorize your Luau Costumes

- Hair Jewelry - Jewels, pins, combs and bands
- Leis - How to make a Lei
- Necklaces - Elegant and affordable pearls and more
- Tropical Jewelry - Bead Necklaces, Leis, shells, hats

Theme Ideas & Plans for a Luau Party

• Get a Hula instructor to teach your guests some Hula basics!
• Have a Hula Hoop Contest
Flashlight limbo – turn off all the lights, and use the beam of the flashlight as your limbo stick.
• Make Name Tags using your guests Hawaiian Names. Click previous link for a Hawaiian name generator.
- Make A Hula Hoop - Step by step instructions. As a party activity you could provide supplies and let your guests make their own, before you hold a hula hoop contest!
- Summer Theme Invitation Templates - Free template your download, customize & print!
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