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Expand your Murder Mystery Party Kit!

So what do you do if you have more people attending your party then you have characters for? We have several solutions to that problem.

If you are hosting a very large event then I recommend reading the topic titled Large Parties in our Forum. We provide step by step instructions for hosting our murder mystery games for large groups. Great for fundraisers, corporate retreats and other events.

If you have 1 - 30 more guests than we provide in our game kits, then you can purchase our very affordable character supplements. We have multiple packets of 10 characters which can be used to supplement any game. They sell for $10 per packet of 10 characters. These are very colorful generic characters created to allow people to still be a part of the game.

They will get everything that the full characters get: Character Background, Name Tags, Game Money, Guest List etc...

We will be adding extra packets on a regular basis. We have extra character packets available for each of our games. To see character descriptions enter our store, Click on Extra Characters and then click Details of the ones you are interested in.

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