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concrete example?

Learn all about murder mystery parties and how to host your own.

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concrete example?

Postby » December 21st, 2004, 9:50 am


I am very keen to host one of these murder myatery parties but still am very confused by how things are done. Could you give me a simple example of an entire scenario? This would help heaps as I usually hosts dinner parties for 6 to 30 on a regular basis for friends only and it would be great to try something different.

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Loaded Question:)

Postby 2coolbaby » December 21st, 2004, 4:42 pm

Your guests before the party will get detailed backgrounds of their character, how to participate, a guest list (which lists the characters with short descriptions) plus a news item that sets up the game scenario. Their character sheet will give them background on the who they will be playing during the party, it gives hints about this characters personality, dress suggestions & if they need any prop or props this is also listed. Any props are easily attainable affordable items some of which they may already have. (IE: Deck of cards etc...)

How they play out much depends on the mystery so I will just use Murder at the Four Deuces as an example. When guests arrive the host will give them their game money & nametag, plus an envelope that says 'Do Not Open Until After Murder'. Guests will then mingle and talk. Some guests are told to do some things at the beginning of the evening. Mostly in the form of confrontations with the soon to be deceased. After these are completed the 'victim' will let the host know it is time & the host will then turn out the lights, make a gunshot sound (balloon popping works well) then turn the lights back on. The victim is found, the Inspector runs to the body, pronounces him dead, has his body removed. At this time everyone opens the second part to the character sheet which lists their own Secrets, Secrets they know about others & things they need to do. Dinner is then served. After dinner the Inspector will do the evidence presentation. After this people will start wheeling, dealing, bribing, blackmailing & investigating the murder all based on their character and their knowledge that they have or can acquire. Depending on the size of your party and the personality of the participants a game usually lasts about 2.5-3 hours. When things start winding down people are given sheets to try to guess who the murderer is, write down their final wealth & vote for Best Costume & Best Actor. The host goes over these and awards Certificates based on the answers in the sheets. At this time the Inspector reads the solution.

In our games the murderer does know that they committed the crime so that they can play their character best.

Hope this helps some!
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