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Four Deuces-- wanting to play w/o spoiling it...

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Four Deuces-- wanting to play w/o spoiling it...

Postby superstaremilyr » July 11th, 2007, 3:18 pm

So, this is for my birthday and I have about 40-50 people coming, nearly all the character packs and a lot of questions.

1. I'm not really sure how the night will work even though I've read the host guide I got from the organizer on the website. Once my kit gets here will I figure it out more? My mom is going to play the host and I'm being Carrie Crooner-Ravioli. I just don't want to spoil it for myself. I know who gets murdered but not by whom.
2. Does everyone need to be sitting in the same room the whole time after the murder? We have two rooms but I'm not entirely sure everyone can fit in just one.
3. Are the extra characters tied into the story? Over half my guests will end up being them and I don't want them to be offended they weren't in the original 20.
4. I put our Don Ravioli as the Congressman Toosteal after his murder. Could I give Toosteal to someone else and give our Don a extra character part or would that throw it off? I'm trying to give everyone I can an 'original' one. We all do theatre so, I won't lie, those are going to the really good ones :)
5. Does Carrie Ravioli ever actually have to sing? I can...I just didn't know since my kit hasn't come yet and I got the managing thing to send out character and did the extra character through download.
6. How much money do I need for each guest? I need to know how much to print off for the extra characters.
7. Since we have so many extra characters should there be more weapons cards? And are all the clues identical for the game and extra char. packs?
8. We weren't really planning on serving dinner per say. It was going to be fake booze and finger foods. Is that ok? Or should we spring for dinner?

This sounds so fun and my friends are so excited for it! We are already planning to do the sequal for someone's birthday--wonderful job on the descriptions. We're sold without even doing it yet!
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Postby AlphaSquirell » July 11th, 2007, 10:49 pm

1. You are in EXACTLY the same boat I was in the first time I did Four Deuces. (my mom played the host for my birthday murder mystery, and I had read the host guide, knew who died, all that.... except I played the part of Don Wannabe :) ) So don't worry about it, as long as you don't read any more "secret" stuff, you'll still get the full experience.
2. They only need to be in the same room when the murder takes place. Other than that, having multiple rooms to help you sneak about and plot/scheme is a great thing! (we had 3 rooms in the house we used, the kitchen, living room, and basement; complete with bar, pool table, and dance floor, and by the end of the night a different living room, bedroom, and both the front and back side of the house outside had been "invaded" by people seeking privacy; with more rooms, people can "disappear" easier)
3. I haven't used the Four Deuces extra character packet, but it is supposed to be tied in to the main group a bit better. The other packets are more of people who are "guests" that just happen to be on the scene and thus caught up in the action.
4. If you want more people in with the main 20, give Toosteal to someone else. The Don gets his moment in the beginning, so playing a more "secondary" character afterwards would be a fair trade. (if this is a theater group, I'd dare say the extra characters will be just as interesting as the main group; with the right people, they could be the "main" people at the party, even if not the core group around the murder!)
5. Singing is optional, but would obviously help build the part. Simply saying you are off work and won't get paid to sing is an excuse not to, but if you DO want to, go for it! More entertainment all around.
6. One sheet per character works. If you want, two sheets. Whatever you do, just give them the same amount.
7. Clues are game-specific, meaning extra character packets won't change the clues. I would suggest printing a few extra weapons, and holding on to them for a while. Let some time take place (so you don't have all the murders immediately), then have the host give one to someone with a character from an extra character packet. Honestly, these characters aren't quite as intertwined as the main 20, so it might be nice to give them something extra.
8. In my experience, a group of about 20 will speed through dinner. We usually order pizza, and those that are hungry grab a slice or two, but finger foods and drinks is usually all you need.
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