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What all does the host need to read?

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What all does the host need to read?

Postby hmoffie » October 9th, 2007, 11:38 am

I've begun printing all the materials for Death by Chocolate. I'm a little unclear about what I as the host need to read in addition to my host guide, my own character booklet, the printing instructions. It would seem I need to know some info about where to hide weapons cards, how to use the action cards, and so forth. What else do I need to read in order to make this a successful evening?

An equally vital question is this, since I definitely want to play: aside from the other character booklets, character confidentials, evidence, solutions, and items for specific guests, what ELSE should I AVOID reading?

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Postby 2coolbaby » October 9th, 2007, 12:03 pm

Do not read any character booklets or confidentials, the Evidence and the Solution. If you are participating in the Weapons Scavenger Hunt, then I provide instructions in the Weapons & Action Cards Instructions file to do it without knowing the answers or hiding places.

You will find that if you are printing things, we put the first page of anything you should not see as a Next Page Placer - IE: A Guest Item will open to a page that says:

The following page needs to go to ***** in a sealed envelope at the beginning of the evening.

Do not peek at this page if you are playing! (This is in Red)

This is all that is on the first page. The second page which you will print, has the Guest Item on it.

This is part of the reason we designed our characters info into booklets. When you open a booklet on screen, you will not see any info that will give anything away and when you print, it is immediately folded, so again info won't be visible. Plus, your guest has everything in one nice, neat and tidy booklet, instead of loose sheets of paper everywhere.

We created our newest design with all of this in mind.
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