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Handling the Planned Murder

PostPosted: January 27th, 2005, 12:16 pm
by 2coolbaby
Here is more detail on how to handle the first murder at your party that is planned out. In this case we will use as an example the Murder at the Four Deuces game. In this game it is planned out that the character of Don Ravioli will get murdered early in the game. In this example you have assigned the character of Rhett Bumbler for this guest to play after the murder. (This is why a game written for up to 20 guests will have 21 characters)

The person who plays Don Ravioli will need a second character to play after the murder. This character is Rhett Bumbler. So here is how it works.

- Before the party you will assign a guest to play Don Ravioli

- You will send this guest the first part of Don Ravioli's character and the first part of Rhett Bumblers character before the party.

- Talk to this guest before the party and work out how they will let you know when they have completed their tasks and it is time for the murder to take place. Let them know that the second character they have is for them to play after this murder takes place.

- After the murder takes place then this guest playing Don Ravioli will be dragged out of the room (if possible:-) then they will come back into the room as the Rhett Bumbler character (arriving to the party late).