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Adding Weapons Cards

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Adding Weapons Cards

Postby EJ » January 26th, 2006, 7:01 pm

In another thread, someone brought up the idea of hiding weapons cards that players had to find if they wanted to murder anyone. No one could commit murder without a weapon, which made these cards just as valuable as money and information. I am very intrigued by this notion of weapons cards myself. Adding a scavenger hunt to the murder mystery seems like a match made in heaven. I am looking forward to hosting the 4 Deuces and would like to implement something like this. A couple of questions, though... First, what kind of players/weapons ratio would you recommend? With the way the game normally works, everyone is assumed to have access to a weapon. However, if weapons are to be treated as a commodity, it seems reasonable to make them somewhat scarce. One would not want to make them so scarce that additional murders were all together impossibile though. It should be noted, too, that the scavenger hunt may only put a percentage of all the weapons into circulation. What kind of formula would you use to make sure the right number of weapons got into people's hands?

I am getting ready to institute that for all the games as I have it now in the Immortal Murders game and it really does add another element to the game. What I plan to do is to put 4 weapons cards out for any party. That seems like a good round number. Not too many, not too few. The way I do it, the scavenger hunt will put all of the cards into peoples hands as the clues are solvable. It will be a matter of who solves and discovers the weapon first.

The second question is related to the first. If I am writing clues to lead players to the discovery of the weapons cards, how many weapons should I direct each player to? In other words, should I give every player the same set of clues to all the weapons? Or, if not, how should clues be doled out?
I give the same set of clues to everyone

Also, whoever hides all the weapons cards and writes all the clues obviously can't play a character.
Not true. They of course will not be able to participate in the weapons hunt portion, but that in no way will preclude the host from playing the game itself. You will still not know who committed any murder or who got the weapons as long as you make a point not to peek after they get started.

They would have an unfair advantage. This probably will be me (the host). Do you have any suggestions for how the host can still feel like a part of the atmosphere while not actually playing? Is there an NPC of some kind that would be fitting? I would not mind just watching my friends backstab each other if I knew I didn't stick out like a sore thumb in this otherwise easily immirsible environment.

Lastly, how many uses should a given player get with a given weapons card? Serial killings are already not allowed, so it probably doesn't matter. I just wondered if the scarcity of the weapons meant maybe that certain limitations should be placed on them so that players who had weapons did not become too powerful.
I allow only 1 use of a weapon. When it is used, it is to be placed on the body, signaling the death and the 'weapon' left at the scene.

I realize that the 4 Deuces and all the Dinner And A Murder games were not developed with cards in mind. But, like I am sure you were, I was excited to hear what others had done to expand the system. I don't think the cards would be that complicated for people to use and if we just came up with some good answers to the few questions I raise, a lot of fun could be had using them or not.

If you will email me I will send you a copy of the weapons cards and clues I used in the Immortal Murders & you can adapt that for use in your party if you like!

Thanks for your responses.


You are welcome. Mary Lee
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Weapons Cards for 4 Deuces

Postby 2coolbaby » February 17th, 2006, 10:42 pm

I have uploaded a Weapons Cards Packet to use with any Murder at the Four Deuces game!
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