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character booklets/assignments

PostPosted: October 26th, 2006, 6:20 pm
by mommyof3
regarding assignment of character booklets - do I give the second character booklet to the guest of whom I've chosen to be the murder victim AT THE SAME TIME as i give the first character booklet? Or do I assign her character - she reads the booklet, realizes she will be the victim and then at the party - give her the second character booklet that she will play?

As the host - I do want to play - but am confused on how I'm going to keep up with my part and make sure the game is going as it should and I am fulfilling all my host duties as well???

PostPosted: October 26th, 2006, 7:42 pm
by 2coolbaby
It is a good idea to give them their second characters booklet so that they can get into the character that they will be playing for most of the night. I would actually discuss this with her so she knows she will be the vicitm and that is the reason you are giving her a second character booklet.

First you will not have to do anything to make sure the game is going as it should. The game will run itself. You will need to perform normal hosting duties. If possible I would choose to play a secondary character so that you can play as little or as much as time allows for you. These are any non-red characters in the Guest List Worksheet.