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Crypto bot

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Crypto bot

Postby Lilublake » April 6th, 2021, 8:20 am

Are crypto bot safe to use for currency trading?
Any help?
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Re: Crypto bot

Postby Rubbysphaire » April 7th, 2021, 8:39 am

Yes, it is safe to use crypto trading bot because this crypto bot don't store your Coins or Tokens on our platform. And use API connection Keys to place trades on your behalf so your assets will never leave your preferred exchange.
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Re: Crypto bot

Postby carloss321 » April 8th, 2021, 6:45 am

I run bots, but also, and more importantly, a run a set of semi-automated tools that aren't quite bots, but make my life MUCH easier. For instance, suppose I want to execute a limit order without paying the taker fee. Like many others, I have a program that will dynamically reprice my order to ensure it's at the top of the book. Just using this has saved me thousands, both in taker fees and being on the good side of the spread. That program is not a bot per se, but is a potentially fundamental part of any bot. Every toolkit starts somewhere.
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