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October Contest Winner - Four Deuces in Pennsylvania

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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October Contest Winner - Four Deuces in Pennsylvania

Postby c&b » October 25th, 2007, 1:01 pm

We had a beautiful fall evening to host our party. Let me share with you a guided tour of our establishment.

The tone of the evening was set as guests approached the house and drove up the driveway. They were greeted with a 1927 Lincoln (silhouette) sitting in the driveway. From a distance some of the guest thought it was real. We tried to make it look as real as possible, it was full size, painted black with silver chrome with strategically placed bullet holes (purchased from a local parts store). When all the guests had arrived we trooped out for a photo shoot with the photographer.

Immediately after handing off their car to the valet, the guest were immersed with authentic 1920's music (which continued all night). Speakers had been placed in bushes along the sidewalk and on the porch, as well as piped throughout the house. This helped everyone get into character. Most of the guests were a little nervous, as only very few had ever been to a murder mustery. As you approached the entrance there was a Grand Opening sign on an easel advertising the sultry act by Carrie Crooner Ravioli.

Upon entering the Legal Side of the Establishment you were greeted by kitchen staff with a champagne cocktail. I found stemware ID tags, so everyone would be able to keep track of their glass.

A glance to the right a festive restaurant was set up, decorated with black and silver balloon bouquets to celebrate The Grand Opening. Balloon bouquets were seen throughout the Establishment.

A peek to the left and you were viewing the piano room, where later in the evening the jazz band performed.(Band was silhouettes which we placed in a bandstand behind the piano). Black and silver balloons were placed at their feet. Matchbooks labeled with the Four Deuces sat in a crystal dish on the piano. They were not matches, but a packaged mint. If you opened them and looked under the cover, I had pasted a small picture of a 1920s calendar girl. I made them out of silver posterboard and using calligraphy pens wrote Four Deuces on cover. Trumpet was seen on the piano, guitar leaning by bandstand and also a violin case was used to set the scene.

During the evening there were several performances. Carrie, Madame Meme and Vanessa accompanied by Vicki performed Moonlight Bay. A group of guests sang Danny Boy and dedicated it to Don Wannabe.

As they carried out the dead body Vicki tickled the ivories, Madame Meme belted out Amazing Grace with several people joining in. Vicki played The Entertainer and later Vicki and Don Wanabe played a duet. First he fooled everyone into thinking he was going to play the trumpet.

Looking up as you entered provided you with a view of Lulu (silhouette) the flapper, adorned with red boa, gold beads and a red feather headband. You know, where the brothel was set up. Complete with red light, candles, whiskey jug and shot glass as well as some loot were on the nightstand. Gossamer was draped over three corners of the four poster bed. A mans hat hung from fourth poster. Red silk sheets and fluffy red and gold pillows were on the tousled bed. Stilettos, lingerie and silk pajamas were strewn about.

It was evident as you proceeded further in, that all the pictures frames held vintage photos. The family room visually provided you with 1920s magazines (1920s photos pasted onto magazine). Cocktail tables were positioned to face the piano room to facilitate the comfort of guests. Some pub tables were used and covered with tablecloths. I pulled the tablecloths in and tied with a ribbon. Several guests commented that they looked like a cocktail glass.

Kitchen staff arranged hors dourves the guests enthusiastically provided for the evening. I decorated sugar cookies to look like cards, they were decorated with the four deuces. I decorated sugar cubes to be used when coffee and dessert would be served at the end of the night. I put champagne glasses, bowties and red roses on the cubes. Dessert was a tuxedo cake. It looked very impresssive and tasted delicious. I used several layers of white cake (like a torte), I put raspberry filling between layers and iced with vanilla icing.I made bowties and buttons out of fondant, made lines on side of cake with fork and placed strawberries on top with diamond shaped fondant on it. It was a big hit and it was very easy to make.

Upon entering The Speakeasy guests were encouraged to visit the Banker to change their cash in for chips, then try their hand at gambling. The bank was made out of spindles and piece of wood painted black, which was propped on to the side of the bar. Banker would slide money and chips through opening at bottom. Behind this, in reality you would see my oven/microwave. As I did not want to see that in pictures, we made a black safe. This made any pictures taken there look more authentic. Also, while at the bank you could take a step over and the banker would change hats and become the bartender, where he served serve up wine, beer (one of your choices was Yuengling from Americas Oldest Brewery), also sodas in old fashioned bottles were served up with a straw. Arizona Ice tea bottles look like old liquor bottles, we put new labels on them.

With any luck you could win with a spin at the roulette table. At the Blackjack bar you might find a deck of 52 cards if Rhett Bumbler wasn't playing. I made a six foot blackjack cloth. I used green felt off the bolt and black and gold paint pens for letterings and card placement. Six people could easily stand and play blackjack. Pool sharks could rack up a few chips on the pool table.

Earlier in the evening everyone received a folder, red for the men and white for the ladies. All marked with the characters name. Each folder held confidential booklet, fake money, chip markers, notebook and pen. I sewed black bags to hold money and chips for the ladies. I wasn't sure if the ladies would be carrying purses. All the ladies used the bags. Any other items needed like evidence was also placed in folder with note not to look at until booklet tells you to. I made notebooks out of silver posterboard and index cards. I used five index cards, folded silver posterboard and stapled at top. Then used calligraphy pen and wrote Four Deuces on them. So you didn't have to carry your folder around all night, everyone was informed that the bartender could file folders in a safe place until needed.

Adding to the ambience of the evening were the living props. Consisting of the blackjack dealer, roulette spinner, bartender/banker, cigarette girl, Mama in the kitchen and a valet to park cars and the photographer.

The guests were adorned in a variety of costumes, many with some great accessories. It was fun to see how they had put their costumes and characters together.

We had several prizes at the end of the night. Wealthiest, male and female actors and costumes, super sleuth and we added a new one. We asked everyone to make a nametag to go along with their character. The guests put a lot of thought into their nametags. The blackjack dealer ended up being the winner.

It was a fabulous night, absolutely everyone had a great time. We had so much fun getting ready for the party. Assigning characters is fun in itself. We had a lot of fun coming up with the props.

A fun thing that we like to do is to try to invite people who do not know each other. That way people don't seem to feel as nervous. At the end of the night we had everyone introduce themselves and say how they know us. We actually had some real business contacts take place.

My favorite thing about this murder mystery party was not having to follow a script.
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1927 Lincoln and Group picture
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Carrie with sign, Piano room, Roulette table
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Tuxedo cake, Group looks on as dead body is removed
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The Inspector showing the crowd evidence; Capo and Mayor doing business?; LuLu greeting those visiting the brothel
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how and where did you get the 1927

Postby lovethisidea » April 22nd, 2008, 7:55 pm

HI, I am having a surprise party for my wifes 40th birthday I am trying to really make this a 1920's experience for all- How can I make or where could I buy a 1927 lincoln silhouette?
help I would love to have this
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