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4 Deuces was a Great Success for large group!

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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4 Deuces was a Great Success for large group!

Postby 2coolbaby for bbright » January 26th, 2005, 12:19 pm

I just wanted to let everyone know how well our party was. We hosted the 4 Deuces as the entertainment for our Company Holiday Party in January at a local golf club/banquet hall. We had over 40 people there and I was pleasently surprised to see how many people dressed up even though they didn't have a character.

We had to fill a couple of parts at the last minute due to emergencies, but having copies of everything on hand was a blessing to a well-prepared host.

Here's some of the feedback that I got from our party survey:
"This was the first time either of us had been to something like this, we had a blast!"
"This was a lot of fun! Glad to see so much participation."
"It was a wonderful idea. Great way to get people mingling. I didn't sit in my seat much."
"I think the best thing about it was it made people mix. I had a hard time remembering the clues etc but had fun."
"It was awesome, we need to do that again."
"I bet all wished they had dressed."
"Loved it! We should do temes every year!"
"...A chart to help with the "who is who" and what their motive may be would have been nice."

We had "Carrie" sing and dance for us and our "Don Wannabe" did a great "Godfather" impression.

Overall it was a great time and I look forward to doing this again in the future.

Here's a link to our pictures. ... &sm=1&sl=0

Brandi Bright
Honda Federal Credit Union
Marysville, OH
2coolbaby for bbright


Postby bbright » January 26th, 2005, 12:45 pm

Here's a few of our pictures
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Postby 2coolbaby » January 27th, 2005, 10:50 am

Thanks so much for your post Brandi. I fixed the link to your pictures in your post. I also wanted to provide a tip for your last commentor and those who will be hosting or attending a murder mystery game. A good detective always brings a pad and pencil for taking notes. This allows them to write down any information they receive & where it came from or who it is about. This makes it easier to solve the mystery at the end of the evening. As a host I always bring enough small tablets and pens for each guest. This isn't a requirement & most people don't even use them, but you will have those that want to keep details straight and organized.
Mary Lee
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