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Contest Entry-A New Years Murder at the Four Deuces

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Contest Entry-A New Years Murder at the Four Deuces

Postby apate19 » January 17th, 2009, 6:30 pm

After weeks of excitement and anticipation, the grand opening of the Four Deuces Speakeasy had finally arrived. Everyone was prepped and dressed to the hilt. It was a crisp, cool December evening and everyone was anticipating ringing in the New Year in style since Don Wannabe was behind the club opening. Mr. Wannabe’s reputation in our town is held at a very high status. He knows what his guests look for in a fine establishment and when he can’t provide it, Meme takes over! Anyone who was anyone had RSVPd to this exquisite club opening. It was sure to be an event talked about for years!

Upon arrival, the guests were escorted to the side door for entrance only after the secret password was revealed to Al Capone. Upon entry into the “underground” night club, the room was filled with the sounds of musical masterpieces from the 1920s greatest hits. Adorned on the walls was the evidence supporting just how prestigious Mr. and Madam Wannabe really are in this town as they had several “authentic” signed autographs adorning the ambient lit walls of the speakeasy. Small candle lit tables were strategically placed around the perimeter of the room to allow for a more private and intimate feel. The solid black walls of the club helped add punch to the art deco style pieces among the signed autographs. To the left was the long corridor to the Dames and Fellows outhouse with a secret meeting room at the end for various types of private affairs or conversations. To the right was Carrie Crooner-Ravioli’s stage with a glittery back drop of four deuces to set the mood for the club.

As you entered the establishment, Madam Meme greeted everyone with a purse full of goodies for the dames and a money clip for the fellows. Further exploration of the establishment revealed off to the far corner illuminated by a red soft lit candle and a feather boa, a “Gentlemen’s Club” that clearly read “see Meme for entrance.” There was also a poker room where lots of money exchanged hands, and a small Italian style café where the latest “spirits and homemade moonshine,” light hors dourves, as well as a traditional Italian feast could be found. The arrival of the guests trickled in until around seven o’clock. Some of the guests jumped right into dancing the Charleston while everyone anxiously awaited the night to unfold. Cocktails and hors dourves flowed freely and the mingling began.

The guests were all dressed to the hilt with only the finest satin, velvet, and lace adorning the ladies while the gentlemen were decked out with their striking suits and fedora hats. In addition to the fedora hats, several of the fellows had costume additions such as hidden “heat,” a pipe, a pinned carnation, arm bands, glasses, a cane, suspenders, and even glitter suspenders worn by Rhett Bumbler of course! Several of the ladies also had accessories to add to their costumes which included, feather headpieces, boas in a variety of colors, long cigarettes, feather fans, pearls, long satin gloves, garters, and even a tiara worn by the Baroness of course!

The evening began with several confrontations by a few of the guests. Evidentially, being invited to this opening did not mean being cordial while you were there! After a few blow ups between family members and friends that would not be proper to repeat, Don “Big Jim” Ravioli took it upon himself to welcome everyone to Don Wannabe’s club opening and asked Don to get everyone a drink so he could make a toast. No one will ever know what that toast was about because shortly after the guests assembled in the room, the lights flickered, and a murder took place!
The room stood silent as spectators looked on to see the grieving family members of the deceased. The lifeless body was carried out of the room and the inspector took the stage to read the last will and testament of the deceased and began the questioning process of the guests. Shock and dismay filled the room as the inspector read the information. Suspicious eyes glanced from face to face while all the guests were convinced the other did it. Accusations started running wild and the name calling began. No one knew whom they could trust at that moment. Don and Meme tried to calm their guests. The Baroness and Rebecca clung to one another. Mayor “Big Bill” Bumpkin and U.S. Congressman, Darrin Toosteal attempted to interview guests to get their own answers. Rhett Bumbler tried to lighten the mood by getting everyone to play some cards. Sly Sleeze started announcing that Capo “Toto” Tequila was now the new boss. Donna Wannabe started flirting with every man in sight. Vanessa Crooner started marketing how awesome her daughter’s voice was to anyone who would listen, while Vicky Ravioli sat alone with a suspicious eye around the room. Al Capone was asked to make sure no other guests entered the club as it was now the scene of a crime. Guilda Guiseppi and Cassandra Steal sipped on their “tea” in the corner while keeping their eyes and ears open to any clues they could find. Shortly after, mug shots of all the guests were taken though no one was booked. Throughout the party, guests were found plotting, scheming, extorting, and bribing each other in every corner. Some exchanges were secret while others were much more obvious.

By the end of the evening two murders had taken place and Inspector Neville “The Nose” Nutella was no closer to solving the mystery than the rest of the guests. As the evening came to a close there were two characters that were awarded the Super Sleuth: Baroness Ravioli and Rhett Bumbler. The Wealthiest Player and Best Costume Award both went to Baroness Ravioli while the winner of the Best Performance Award hands down went to Don “Big Jim” Ravioli.

The entire evening was full of fun, excitement, and mystery. After the two murders were solved and the awards were given out, we all gathered outside to watch a spectacular fireworks show and have a champagne toast to a successful Grand Opening of the Four Deuces and a coming New Year full of mystery and suspense!

Everyone left talking about how much fun they had during the game. We all started planning who was going to host the next party and what theme we would pick!
One of the many mugshots taken
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The guest at the Four Deuces
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Don and Meme
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A murder has occurred...
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Re: Contest Entry-A New Years Murder at the Four Deuces

Postby 2coolbaby » January 19th, 2009, 2:59 pm

That was a great review! How did you design your (4) background Deuces? That is neat.
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Re: Contest Entry-A New Years Murder at the Four Deuces

Postby apate19 » January 19th, 2009, 3:48 pm

A husband that can draw, glitter and some poster board. We had a blast. We covered our whole house in black tablecloths.
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