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Friday the 13th! What better time for someone to die!?!?

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Friday the 13th! What better time for someone to die!?!?

Postby Ben B. » March 12th, 2005, 3:10 pm

I just had to write to you and tell you how great our Murder Mystery party was.

It was one of our friend's 32nd birthday party, and we've always gone all-out for the guy. But this time it was something special. His birthday was February 13th, and guess what? This year his birthday fell on a Friday. Friday the 13th! What better time for someone to die!?!?

I was the host. At first, my roommate - whose name is Jim - was going to be Big Jim and his girlfriend - whose name is Carrie - was going to be Carrie Crooner! But, unfortunately, they had a prior engagement so I had to reassign the parts. But the coincidence proved to be a good omen.

I sent out the invitations more than a month in advance. That gave people plenty of time to find great costumes and to make sure they could come. As MeMe and Don Wannabe, my girlfriend and I got the place looking great. We draped plenty of silver tinsel around, including one hanging decoration in the middle of the room that looked like a chandelier. We cut half-sheets of poster board into jumbo-size playing cards and put them over the mantelpiece. We had a casino set that my sister let us borrow, and it really set the mood. Finally, we draped some green tablecloths over two tables to serve as gambling pits. We also put a sign pointing up the stairs that read "Gents - $2 per hour," and my girlfriend, an artist, drew two beautiful pastel line drawings of a group of flappers to go over the couch. We put the digital music station on Big Band/Jazz, and plenty of decks of cards and poker chips were provided.

We stole the wonderful design of the name tags from one of the contest winners. They looked great! As players were "murdered" it became an impromptu ritual to post their name tag over the fireplace. "Capo" got two aces on his nametag, the only player to get an ace, because it was his birthday.

We had dinner catered, to cut down on our preparation time on Friday. A local Italian place provided mountains of pasta and salad, including, of course, cheese ravioli.

Our guests were asked to bring a bottle of liquor to "Set the scene" of the 1920's speakeasy. We provided mixers, and the bar was a favorite place to wheel and deal.

The costumes were FANTASTIC! Everyone dressed up, which was a surprise, since they weren't required. Everyone said the casting was perfect, especially our drama king as Big Jim and our inspector - who arrived in a trench coat and smoked his curved-neck pipe. One of our friends is a lawyer, and he was great as the slimy congressman.

That brings me to the acting. Wow... Everyone played their parts to a tee. There were so many Chicago goombah accents being thrown around, you would swear you were an extra in The Untouchables. Our sweetest, kindest friend was cast as the Baroness -- What a departure! But she sat in a richly upholstered chair and lorded over all the festivities. Everyone got a kick out of her being mean and spiteful.

Big Jim was dressed to the hilt, and had cotton stuffed in his mouth - a la Marlon Brando - to play the Mafioso. He was outstanding. Carrie Crooner did makeup that made her look like Big Jim had given her a black eye.

Our murder victim came back as another character, and he had two great costumes, and two completely different personalities. His second was so much different from the first that he stole the show... Twice! It wasn't hard to disassociate the two, even though it was the same person playing them.

The only hitch came during the "murder." We had worked on the timing. I was going to go to the basement to flip the circuit breakers and "MeMe" was going to pop a balloon. I went down and she headed over to get it from its hiding place. So, I'm waiting with my hands on the breakers. But before she got to the balloon, my dog jumped up on my leg and I accidently tripped half the breakers! I quickly flipped them all off. The house upstairs was silent except for "MeMe's" heels clacking across the floor to the hiding place. The wait was Forever! I heard later the only light came from the fireplace, and the scene was very eerie. Finally the balloon popped, I flipped the breakers back on and our victim fell over dead. It turned out okay, but the timing was shot!

The wheeling and dealing went on all over the house, especially at the card tables where some guys started playing Texas Hold-Em and teaching newbies how to play. Rhett Bumbler was a laugh a minute. Vicky and Rebecca started playing tug-of-war with the will!!

Anyway, we had about twenty people come, and only two correctly guessed the murderer (not counting the murderer)! Four people were killed, and Al Capone was involved in hits assigned by at least two people! The best was an ambush. I (Don Wannabe) sent Rhett Bumbler to meet me in an empty room, but I didn't go. Al was waiting and capped him. That threw the suspicion off me.

Everyone had a blast, and they all said we have to do one again next year. Since our friend's birthday is right before Valentine's Day, we're already thinking about "The Class of '57!"

Thanks again for a wonderful package and for making this one of the most memorable parties ever ... for a group that has a LOT of parties!!!

Ben B
Ben B.

Postby Sue » April 30th, 2005, 12:54 pm

I wish you would post some pics from the party.

Postby 2coolbaby » May 3rd, 2005, 12:55 pm

Thanks for the great review. I am always happy to hear about party experiences. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to know that my creations help bring a few hours of joy into peoples lives.
Mary Lee
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