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An Unfogettable event

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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An Unfogettable event

Postby Melissa » January 6th, 2010, 3:07 pm

This year I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend’s birthday party. So I decided to host a murder mystery party. I have attended one in the past at a theater and its nothing in comparison to this. I had to drive two hours to get there, it cost $120 for the both of us and we didn’t know anyone. Hosting a party myself allowed me to invite people I know plus it allowed everyone to interact with one another and really get involved in the mystery. The set up for this party is cake work. You can either buy the downloadable version and assemble the character packets yourself or you can buy the boxed version in which everything is pre-assembled. I went with the download version. This came with organization material and step by step instructions on how to set-up the party. Throughout the party you release certain items at a certain time. I found it helpful to group then organize by timeframe which items you are to give out when. That way there is less work for you to do the day of the party. For example, Arrival items (name tag, game money) would go in an envelope and be labeled “Arrival item” then #1. #1 stands for the first item you give out for the evening.
From the moment my guest step out of there car the felt like they were back in 1920’s. Each guest had to walk to the back entrance of the club. They walked trough two big ten foot high chain link gates in which they were greeted by Al Capone. Upon Al’s request each guest must submit a password. Some where given the correct password (Attaboy) others where given the wrong password (Beeswax). Those people had to swindle and bribe there way in. One guest gave Al a cigarette holder as a way to get in. When the guest got in the door they where given a small envelope that had game money and name tags in it. This was in the hallway. Those who arrived early or on time where given a $20 bonus. From the hall the guest would move into the dinning area. I took my kitchen table and combined it with a card table so that everyone sat at one big table. The table was covered with a black silk blanket that I had in my closet. The table was set with red plastic plates and napkins along with black plastic silverware. For the center piece I used a five pillar arched candle holder. Then I placed single candle holders that I found at a thrift store on the table. The kitchen also contains an emergency exit. (a.k.a the basement) I also bought a black table cloth and lined the counter and covered all the windows to create a gloomy look. Also, in the kitchen I had a door that lend to the outside that I labeled stage entrance. Next to that I put the sign for Carrie Crooner-Ravioli live performance tonight. Although she would not sing she did go outside with everyone to use the stage (backyard deck) to lip sing.
Exiting the kitchen was a pathway. I laid down red table cloth on the floor to create a new look. Along the path I taped fathers in a straight line to the casino. Also, I took black and white streamers and hung them from the ceiling to kind of block off the rest of the room. In the casino there was two coaches for people to sit on and a card table for guest to gamble there money at. Then upstairs was the brothel. Some I marked as occupied for those rooms I didn’t want guest to go in. Others where marked enter for a good time.
Now getting into the game play everything started off smoothly. The guest arrived, gathered and gambled. Then as soon as the main murder took place everything started to heat up. People started backstabbing one another, they formed alliances to swindle money then they would kill off there alliances to get more money. The scavenger hunt was a big hit. Everyone loved to search for the hidden item "weapon cards" (weapon card-allows you to kill an enemy). Then as soon as one of the characters found out who had a weapon card they began paying each other for a kill. Each guest ended up getting pick pocketed. One guest died in the bathroom, another was hacked off in the hallway, another was killed in the brothel with one of her garments missing.

During the party I had a neighbor that got home from work late come in a do a police raid. She dressed up as a cop and threatened to lock everyone up. Everyone had to take the emergency exit (down in the basement) those who didn’t get to the basement on time to pay bail. In which they had to pay $200 or claim bankrupcy. This event occurred right after the murder. This allowed me to put the food out and light the center piece candles. So when everyone came back up from the basement they returned to a dark setting. In which the only light in the dinning room was that given off by the candles. It really set the mood.
For dinner I barrowed a few crock pots and cooked everything in a crock pot. I made ravilioi in honor of Jim Raviloi, Speakeasy spinach dip and death by chocolate cake.That way I didn’t have to cook anything during the party. For the action cards I did a silent bet. Everyone placed a bet on the card and the one with the highest bet secretly won the card. Then two where placed underneath the seats. Everyone had a piece of paper attached to their sets but only two where given an action card.
I highly recommend Murder at The Four Deuces to everyone. It’s a unique experience that everyone enjoyed. Its very entertaining and amusing to watch and be apart of. I very exicted to be able to host murder at the four deuces 2 in may.
Rebecca Raviloi
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Baroness Ravioli
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Big Jim being carried away followed by the inspector
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The men gambling
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Carrie preparing for her solo
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