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Jan 2010 Winner: Murder at the Four Deuces Shindig!

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Jan 2010 Winner: Murder at the Four Deuces Shindig!

Postby uberpea1234 » January 18th, 2010, 5:25 pm

Murder at the Four Deuces: A Night to Remember!

My friends and I had been trying to get something like this together for a long time, and eventually I volunteered to host the party, myself playing the part of Don Wannabe. I invited about 17 people, so that made 18 total, including myself, leaving three extra characters (Sly Sleaze and The Giuseppi Family). Everyone was gearing up to play this game, as none of us have played a game like this before. We had heard legends and fables, and decided to indulge our fantasies.

The layout of the house served extremely well. We had the main dining hall when people walked in. The brothel lay down a hallway to the left. There was a casino out back. And we had silent movies played on a big screen projector for the people who needed to rest their legs a bit.

The dining room had a bar in the back, with various drinks for everyone. The bartender (Cash Steal), however, had lots of difficulties making these drinks, and everyone gave him *&@# about it. It became a joke, and it definitely helped everyone get into character.

I was worried that people wouldn't like to play this game, or they would feel awkward about it, but when Al Capone greeted them at the doorway and asked for the password (The Cat's Pajamas), everyone seemed to lighten up. A couple of people had been given the wrong password (Dumb Palooka), or no password at all, so they had to bribe Capone to let them in. Capone was definitely are hardass about letting people in.

When Madam Meme arrived, I showed her the brothel. The brothel was lit by a dark red lightbulb, that gave the whole room a sultry feeling. There was incense burning in the back of the room and red and black boas and masks everywhere. The best about the brothel was the beautifully decorated bed. The bed had a deep red cover on it, with a blow up doll we called Judy on it. People got a big kick out of that.

The casino was also a great asset to the party. We had craps and poker going, with silent movies playing in the backround on a TV. We put lights all around the rooms and spelled "Luck" across one of the walls. It gave a great feel to the place, and everyone definitely got into character a bit more.

The game proceeded as everyone entered the speakeasy. I handed out all the necessary materials, and directed the guests to the dining hall where Cash Steal was mixing drinks. Eventually the time came when everyone had talked to Big Jim. I asked everyone to take a seat, and read the directions. Tony, our cook, got the signal and went off to the fuse box. Big Jim stood up to make his announcement in his raspy voice, when the lights suddenly shut off. There was mass confusion and hysteria, as I ran to get the flashlight and turn on all the lights at the fuse box. When the lights were turned on, Big Jim was found dead on the ground. Me and Capone picked him up and carried him out of the room, when accusations started to fly. As soon as I got Big Jim in his mayor costume, I went back and calmed everyone down. I said we would talk about it over dinner. Tony started to hand out all the confidential information. Everyone sat quietly, eating their dinner, reading their confidential information, and glaring at all the neighbors around them. The dinner proceeded, and people started to talk a bit. They started making plans like, "Let's talk later. I think we can help each other."
I then proceeded to inform them about the hidden weapons. I handed out clue sheets, and everyone ran off. All the weapons had been found, but through the night many people lost them, or traded them. The night was going smoothly, and, after the action cards had been sent out, everyone began to confide in one another. Through the night, many people got caught up in their own affairs, rather then trying to find out who the murderer was.

I asked Capone into the back and tried to blackmail him to give me information about some people, to which he pulled out a gun and killed me. Don Wannabe was now dead. I ran to the back to change into Sly Sleaze.

Everyone was using dirty tactics. Some people put bowls to closed doors, some people flat out lied about other people and the evidence. Some people threatened others. My friends were beginning to scare me, when I saw how conniving they could be.

Soon after the death of Don Wannabe, Vicky Ravioli was sent to kill Al Capone by the Steals. Capone was found with a brick stuffed purse to his head. He went into the back and changed into Jack Giuseppi.

I came back as Sly Sleaze and decided to gain control of the money, so I took people out and threatened to kill them (I had no weapon card). They gave me about 50 dollars each, and I quickly became one of the richest players. However, Madam Meme found out about this, and threatened to kill me. I had a grudge against her, as Sly Sleaze, and hid the money and came back. She killed me and took the twenty dollar bill I had, expecting more. Jack Giuseppi found all the money and kept to himself. I quickly ran into the back and became Guilda Giuseppi. The woman was hard to pull off.

After these deaths, and everyone saying how confused they were with the many different plot lines that had been going on, we decided to bring things to a close.

Only about 3 people actually got the murderer. But one person had found out the main murder and two additional murders. Cash Steal got the Super Sleuth. With the money Jack had stolen, he won Wealthiest Player with 718 dollars. Best costume went to the Baroness, who actually did lord over everyone. The best performer award went to Madam Meme, who never broke character. She was definitely one of the best characters.

Everyone was extremely surprised to find out all the secrets everyone had, and everyone was pining for another game. We all loved this game so much, as it gave us an outlet for our over active imaginations.
The whole gang (From left to right): Darrin Toosteal, Rebecca Ravioli, Mary Toosteal, Carrie Crooner, Cassandra Steal, Vanessa Crooner, Vicky Ravioli, Madam Meme, Donna Wannabe, Big Jim/Mayor Bumpkin, Rhett Bumbler, Cash Steal, Al Capone/Jack Giuseppi, Baroness Ravioli, Guilda Giuseppi/Sly Sleaze/Don Wannabe, Inspector Neville Nutella, Capo Tequila
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Rebecca and Vicky Ravioli plotting
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The Casino
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The Brothel
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Re: Murder at the Four Deuces Shindig!

Postby 2coolbaby » February 2nd, 2010, 11:11 pm

That was a nice review. I didn’t see any pictures posted of you as Guilda Guiseppi. I bet that was fun. And poor Madam MeMe, wasting a weapon card for $20.

I know when we play, we tend to pretty much just worry about our own schemes, as trying to know what everyone is up to would just be overload, but it is this that gives our games an edge. You won’t be bored!
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