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Feb 2010 Winner: My 30th birthday Murder Mystery Party

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Feb 2010 Winner: My 30th birthday Murder Mystery Party

Postby sarahannmay » February 22nd, 2010, 2:45 pm

For My 30th birthday I planned the Murder at the Four Deuces game. I invited about 35 people and got about 27. So after purchasing the 10 character add on for the game I had plenty of characters to go around! Just about all characters were used. I was afraid that assigning the parts was going to be difficult but it ended up being so much fun! I found myself laughing as I immediately knew who would be perfect for each part! I had 2 people cancel the couple days before the party, but they did not have main parts so I didn't have to stress over it one bit.

I sent out invites about 1 month ahead, and it gave everyone plenty of time to get a costume together, and boy did they ever! The day of the party came and everyone looked AMAZING! They came in with their booklets and were already playing their parts as they arrived. They were more on top of it then I was!

As everyone arrived the game was already being played, I found myself overhearing conversations/arguments/whispering and at first was worried that someone was actually fighting, BUT THEY WERE PLAYING THE GAME!!! hahaha!

I had a real bar brought into my kitchen and set up a self serve bar area. I had a 1920's buffet style table of amazing food for everyone set up. I rented 5 cocktail tables with black table cloths, and tea light lamps on each, that I place around the house. I played 1920's music in the background all night. I turned most of the lights off to have a more intimate feeling.

Once it was time for the first main murder to take place, it went off perfectly! I helped make a signal to my brother on the other end of the room to turn off the lamp, then I had a balloon that as lights went out I popped it!!! Lights went back on and everyone was startled to find the body of Big Jim Ravioli laying on the floor!!! The inspector ran over, knelt down and started yelling to Al "THERE'S BEEN ANOTHER MURDER! CLOSE THE DOORS! NO ONE IS LEAVING!" It was GREAT! Then there was crying, and people whispering about who could have done it! Then as I passed out the confidential packets everyone started scamming and bribing for secrets. Then the investigator announced the evidence, which who I had to do it was a very out going guy, he kept everyone's attention. Then we did the crossword puzzle and it was very quiet cause everyone was working on it very seriously! Then "OK EVERYONE FIND THOSE WEAPONS CARDS!". Off everyone went but in a secretive manner and not really saying to much, as to keep information on where they thought the cards were and if they had one. Then about 10 min later, THERE WAS ANOTHER MURDER! You could tell everyone's wheels were turning trying to fit the pieces together! Then I had everyone pick from a hat the action cards, and that just added to the bribing and the scamming.

There was money being exchanged every which way! People confronting other people! A lot of people who hadn't ever met before where fighting, and confronting each other! So I can't give away who murdered Big Jim of course! But when we announced it, everyone was shocked! I had 5 people who knew whodunit, and the other winners were right on the money! The one who had the most money, she told me that she actually had NO SECRETS! She scammed everyone out of money, with no real secrets to even give! Now that is talent! I have pictures of people that had never met that were hanging out like they were best friends for years!

It was the best gift for me to see long time friends from different parts of my life come together and make such a wholehearted effort to fulfill their part and make it a magical unforgettable night for all!

Thank you for making it a birthday to remember forever!
Almost everyone, short about 5 people
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The Inspector (Best Performer) and Vicky Ravioli (Best Costume)
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The Sly Sleaze, The Inspector, The Baroness, and Cash Steal
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The Baroness Ravioli
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Re: My 30th birthday Murder Mystery Party at the Four Deuces

Postby 2coolbaby » March 13th, 2010, 10:44 am

Thanks so much for sharing and I just have to tell you that your baby flapper is so adorable!
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Re: My 30th birthday Murder Mystery Party at the Four Deuces

Postby sarahannmay » March 15th, 2010, 3:30 pm

Thank you for reading. The baby is my niece!
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