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July 1010 Winner, Murder Mystery in Valencia, Spain, 04/23

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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July 1010 Winner, Murder Mystery in Valencia, Spain, 04/23

Postby lovechild65 » April 28th, 2010, 6:48 am

Our murder mystery party was held on Friday, 23 April 2010, in Valencia, Spain. We have been planning and organizing this party for a couple of months now. After reading about Murder at the Four Deuces I wanted a scenario that looked like a real lounge. I ordered the game and looked online to select my decor and costumes. I ordered the black tablecloths and made the theme black and silver. I ordered a big sign and some personalized pens that said ‘4 Deuces hottest speakeasy” in black with white lettering. I also ordered some pads and some gifts bags for the ladies and the men into which I placed the pen, pad and a picture frame to put their favorite party picture in. I also put the game money in the bags. I ordered some posters and printed others to create a loungey atmosphere. One of our very talented guest took a picture of our Carrie in costume and made two posters a big one for the entrance and a smaller one for the foyer. We set up a bar, and had 1920’s music playing all night long… In the bathroom we had a 1920’s Kotex sign. We closed off the stairs and used a poster of a 1920’s woman along with the one from the site that said ’gentlemen’s entertainment’ that really gave the appearance that a brothel was really upstairs. We had a real antique phone, and Victrola, some of our own furnishings are real antiques so it helped. We started decorating a few days in advance and added the final details on the last day. Judging by our guests Ooohs, and Aaahs, we knew we got it right. They loved it; and so did we.

I read the game instructions and followed them. The game is not hard to play if in fact you follow the instructions and organize yourself. I also sent my guests their character backgrounds well in advance to allow them time to become familiar with their characters and decide on costumes. I have to say that each and every one of the players picked their costume that suited their character to a tee. Since we live in Spain I have some very dear friends that don’t speak English but I wanted to have them at the party. After much thinking (I didn’t want them just to sit around doing nothing) I decided that I could give them some parts to play that didn’t require them to speak. I had one of the girls assigned as the photographer, another girl was a cigarette girl and one of the guys was a bartender. Our other bartender falls into the shy type category and wanted to come but didn’t want to play a part so I asked him if he would like to be a bartender and he agreed. We had bathtub gin which was delicious and we decided on appetizers so that everyone could mingle. Al Capone was there early and the password which I emailed to everyone in advance was ‘Meme is hot” (they loved it). So as they arrived to the gate and rang Al would be behind the gate, and ask “the password, what’s the password?” and after they said it he let them in. They would make their grand entrance and then have their picture taken by our in-house photographer right below our Four Deuces sign and then proceed inside. When Don Ravioli arrived Al greeted him with ‘Aaah boss, and gave him two kisses; just in the manner that real Italians do. We all immersed ourselves into our characters, I was Madam Meme and my husband was Don Wannabe.

Our Carrie is very talented and decided to do a number before the murder. She picked the 1920’s song, ‘Yes sir that’s my baby’ and created a routine. She was amazing! Nobody actually expected a real show, so when Don Wannabe announced her performance everyone was really excited. We turned out most of the lights and had a spotlight pointed at her from above while she sang and danced. As soon as she finished dancing I turned one light only and Don Ravioli stood up from the VIP table and told everyone he wanted to make an announcement. At that time I turned off the light and one of the bartenders used large bubble wrap to simulate the gun shots. It worked like a `charm. I turned the lights on and everyone ran to the body. Our Don Ravioli really put on a show when he died in front of everyone. He called on Carrie and on Vickie. His last words were…”Vicky, where’s my money?” It was hilarious. The inspector who truly took his job as inspector very seriously announced that a murder had been committed and that no one was allowed to leave since everybody was a suspect. After that I gave everybody their confidential booklets and they all moved on to eat and mingle and plot and steal and blackmail. We did the scavenger hunt which Carrie used to make herself some money by charging 200 dollars for the answers to the crossword puzzle. After that we did the action cards. We even had a second murder; Don Wannabe took out Toto “Tequila” because he was taking all his people to NY. Sadly so, it was curtains for the good old boss of bosses.

When things began to wind down I handed everyone the whodunit work sheets and the inspector helped me tally the results. After reading the solution, the inspector handcuffed the murderer and took mug shots. We had the certificates in a really nice certificate holder and trophies for the winners. Our best costume award went to Toto Tequila, the man let his hair and mustache grow for the part and styled the hair and trimmed the mustache the day of the party to fit the part. He had a black tuxedo with the white scarf, spats and all. Our Carrie won the best performance award. Vicky won Super Sleuth and a guest I had assigned to play reporter got wealthiest player, she robbed the casino table, the bartender tips and any guest that was not watching their stuff. In the end she got named ‘sticky fingers’

I have to say that this has been one of the best parties we have put together (we tend to party a lot). It was so worth the effort and the time we put into it. It also helped that the people at Dinner and Murder have taken care of all the details and are so helpful when questions arise. You guys thought of everything and your instructions are so clear and precise it would be hard to get it wrong. As hostess I loved it and hope to do it again real soon!
Foyer and stairs leading to brothel.JPG
The entrance with stairs leading to the brothel-Only authorized guests allowed-
Arriving guests Rebeca and Toto Tequila.JPG
Arriving guests Rebeca and Capo Toto Tequila
Four Deuces before grand opening.JPG
This is how the Four Deuces looked before the grand opening
Cash Steal, Donna Wannabe, and Rhett Bumbler.JPG
Guests mingling
Rebecca in a confrontation with Daddy Don Ravioli.JPG
Rebeca in a confrontation with Daddy, Don Ravioli, by the look on Vicki's must've been bad
Don Wannabe announcing Carrie's performance-1.JPG
Tonite, for your viewing and listening pleasure, the one, the only Carrie Crooner Ravioli
Mayor Bumpkin, Bartender, Don Wannabe, Bartender, and Cash Steal front of  photo Rhett Bumbler-1.JPG
The Men
Beautiful dames and flappers.  Mrs. Toosteal, Guilda Guiseppi, Carrie Crooner, Rebecca Ravioli, Donna Wannabe, Madam Meme, Sitting in the middle Margaret the reporter and Cassandra Steal.JPG
The most beautiful dames and flappers in town
Two serious gangsters, Don Ravioli and Don Wannabe.JPG
What are these two planning?
Gangster plotting and dealing.JPG
Now this is some serious plotting going on.
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Re: Murder Mystery in Valencia, Spain, 04/23/10

Postby 2coolbaby » May 1st, 2010, 10:28 pm

You really outdid yourself. That looks just like I would imagine a classy speakeasy would look and your guests look just like I would imagine would be in attendance at a classy speakeasy. You and your guests really did bring the spirit of this game to life.
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