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Oct 2010 2nd Place Winner: Goodbye 20s with a 1920s party!

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Oct 2010 2nd Place Winner: Goodbye 20s with a 1920s party!

Postby ronnijean » October 24th, 2010, 9:32 pm

Oct. 23, 2010 - For my 30th birthday, I decided to throw a murder mystery party. I’ve thrown a few in the past and used kits from other companies, but when I found Dinner and a Murder, I was very impressed and excited to purchase The Four Deuces - I was going to say goodbye to by 20s by throwing a 20s themed party!

27 people RSVPed, and there was an initial character shuffle as there were 3 last-minute no-shows (including Al Capone), so we ended up with a total of 24 guests. Things started off slightly slow as people settled into their characters and waited for a 1920s cocktail served by our excellent bartender, Tom Hops.

Our house is pretty small, so the party took place both inside and out on the back patio. I (Madam Meme) made sure to encourage all guests to head outside for an “announcement” when suddenly a terrible crime took place. The lights went out, a scream was heard, and when they came back on, Big Jim was dead on the stairwell! Both the Inspector and Carrie ran to him, and once pronounced dead, Carrie was beside herself…but only for a moment, as she seemed to compose herself again rather quickly, hmm…

The guest previously playing Big Jim made a noteworthy transformation into Congressman Toosteal, even bringing a costume change for the part. After the murder, the party really took shape and everyone jumped into their characters! The scavenger hunt went really well and one card was never even found. Two more murders soon took place: Don Wannabe (who resurrected as Henry Hyde) and Donna Wannabe (who resurrected as Marie Inhaste).

Overall, it was a fantastic party and everyone had a blast! I’m still thinking about it and wondering about everyone else’s storylines and all the scheming that was going on. Thank you so much for the game – it was FAR more interactive than any other murder mystery I’ve ever done and definitely the best!

Best Performer: Big Jim/Congressman Toosteal
Best Costume: Madam MeMe (I made my dress from an authentic 1920s pattern from Past Patterns)
Wealthiest Player: Jack Greasy Thumbs Guiseppi (he and Guilda were little thieves!)
Super Sleuths: Vanessa Crooner, Rhett Bumbler

Some fun things I did:
- I printed out multicolored game money with images from 1918 money (what would have been around during 1920). Each denomination had a different color to make for easy identification.
- I printed out and distributed the 1920s slang dictionary and guest had fun trying to use the words!
- The guy playing the bartender researched Prohibition-era cocktails, printed a bar list, and actually made the drinks for everyone!
- For prizes, I had small, business sized magnets made and handed them out.

More pictures can be found here:
A nice, naive poker game before all the shenanigans began!
The Inspector checking Big Jim pulse after he'd been shot in the stairway.
Jack "Greasy Thumbs" Guiseppi accusing Professor Dingproud of something.
The Inspector and Baroness Ravioli at the bar.
Madam MeMe and Rhett Bumbler checking out the evidence wall.
Cash and Cassandra Steal.
The Four Deuces drink menu.
Most of the gang.
From L to R: Prof. Dingproud, Mayor Bumpkin, Cassandra Steal, Mary Toosteal, Guilda Guiseppi, Jack Guiseppi, Vicky Ravioli, Donna Wannabe/Marie Inhaste
The 1920s car cutout prop was a hit!
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