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November 2010 Winner: Four Deuces grand opening success!!!

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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November 2010 Winner: Four Deuces grand opening success!!!

Postby maimer11 » November 8th, 2010, 12:49 pm

The Grand opening of the Four Deuces was a success!! Well, that assuming you didn't mind four murders, corrupted politics and a couple cat fights! :wink:

My cousin and I were hosting the event but at the last minute two of our ladies backed out so we had to take their place. Even though we knew everything, we had a ball getting into our roles! I was Vannessa Crooner and she was Mary Toosteal! It was hilarious! With the 20s music playing in the background and everyone playing their roles perfectly, it seemed like we really did take a step back in time! Everyone showed up dressed to kill! The women were all dolled up in the latest 20s fashions and all the men were looking sharp! However, we quickly found out that looks can be deceiving when people started dropping dead after getting bumped off by some of the most seemingly polite and friendly guests. This was truly a night of murder and mayhem as everyone watched their backs!

Everyone was so busy in their own stories and goals that no one figured out the murderer!! When the solution was read, well, lets just say that there were stories and accusations still being thrown around! The feud between the Ravioli women and the Crooner women truly erupted, the politicians exchanged a spouse (and a possible pregnancy?) :lol:, and the gangsters were threatening everyone for all their money! Capo tequila ended up being the wealthiest player, no one says no the boss of New York, it’s bad for your health! :wink:

Everyone had a wonderful time and the pictures came out amazing, I had a lot of fun editing through them!!! We hope to do this again soon!

Thank you so much for creating such an amazing game! :D


baronees and cash.jpg
The mysterious Cash steal reportedly left baroness Ravioli a bit flustered after a charming introduction

al and carrie.jpg
Secret romance? Word on the street is Al thinks Carrie is the Cat's Meow!

rhett death.jpg
Mayor bumpkin and Rhett bumbler have a secret conversation...and a moment late Rhett gets wacked! the grieving donna saids that it was no coincidence!
rhett death.jpg (21.94 KiB) Viewed 1711 times

vicky and meme.jpg
vicky and meme plan to take big jim's fortune

The bosses

Ravioli vs. cronner
an argument breaks out between the wannabe women and mary toosteal! mary's husband wont like all the negative attention just before elections!
argument.jpg (57.2 KiB) Viewed 1711 times
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