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May 2006 Contest Winner - KitKat

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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May 2006 Contest Winner - KitKat

Postby kitcat » June 30th, 2006, 2:42 pm

I hosted the 4 Deuces game for a birthday party for 2 of my good friends. As this was my first time hosting a murder mystery event, I googled intensively to find the perfect game for my group. I noticed many other websites offered games for only a certain number of people, and the rest had to be the audience. I wanted a game that everyone could participate in, and Mary’s games provide that opportunity. The use of money and weapon cards also intrigued me as well as the 1920’s theme. Mary was quick to respond to my questions before and after I purchased the game, which I appreciated.

We had 19 guests ranging from ages 20’s-30’s. Since the majority of the guests that were attending are Christians, I chose the teen version of the game for cleaner content. The event was a blast. Even people who were at first hesitant about playing the game enjoyed themselves.

I used the e-vites provided, which I really liked. The e-vites were well designed for the occasion and very easy to use and to keep track of who was coming. It also included information links for people to find out more about the game and the 1920’s era. I asked everyone to pitch in for the game and food to offset some of my costs, which was very helpful.

Since I was having the party in the early evening, it was still light outside. I covered all the windows to make it darker inside. Candles were dimly lit around the house and a couple of tables were put together to fit all the guests for dinner. We set up a small blackjack table in the family room that was put into good use. I put up a bulletin board with the printout of the news, the list of the characters, and the instructions I had sent out previously. Many found this helpful as they did not read everything that was given out previously. One of the guests brought in the yellow “do not crossâ€
Guys looking sharp...and suspicious..
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Group Pose
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Who is the killer??
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The first murder of the night!!
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Inspector presenting the evidence after dinner
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