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25th bday 4 dueces 20's gangster style

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25th bday 4 dueces 20's gangster style

Postby jmonacko » January 5th, 2011, 2:32 pm

To celebrate my 25th birthday I had 26 guests come in full flapper costume. They all wowed me- from wing tip shoes to completely beaded flapper dresses, everyone came in style and ready for fun. I rented out a community room in downtown LA for the occassion. We set up a black and red themed table with a photo booth room, pool table,cigar bar and poker table in the back. True to the italian mobster theme, I served a mushroom and chicken sausage with a white wine reduction and caramleized onions, fettuccine pasta, and garlic bread, mozzerella/ tomato/ basil/ olive oil skewers, amongst many other appetizers! It was an epic night- the pictures attached speak for themselves!
4 dueces me n koa.jpg
Madame Meme and Mrs. Cash
4 dueces venue.jpg
the venue
4 dueces cigar trio 2.jpg
some of my "gangsters"
4 dueces group good.jpg
Al Capone, Donna Wannabe, Carrie, Big Jim Ravioli and few more! we made a "photo booth" corner
4 dueces carrie and inspector.jpg
Carrie with her bruise and our amazing inspector
4 dueces group.jpg
Most of the 26 players!
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Re: 25th bday 4 dueces 20's gangster style

Postby 2coolbaby » January 11th, 2011, 2:23 am

Thanks for sharing. I am happy your party was a success. I LOVE the costumes of Madam MeMe and Mrs. Cash!
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