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December 2011 Winner - 4 Deuces

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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December 2011 Winner - 4 Deuces

Postby nicoleramis » March 18th, 2011, 12:18 am

Let me start this off by saying what a huge success this was and how much fun everyone had at the party. We had people who rented costumes, study 20's slang and came up with different ploys to gain money.

We threw this party to celebrate one of our friends finally turning 21. What better era to do then the roaring 1920s during prohibition. We sent out invites, and because im a stickler for little details, i ordered brothel coins for madam meme to hand out to "special" guests, had pins designed for the congressman that had an american flag in the background with the slogan Toosteal for President '24, he was able to hand these out to guests that made contributions to his campaign fund. i had a 1920s banner made with a flapper and a gangster on one side announcing that it was Donna "Lexi" Wannabes 21st at the 4 deuces, we spray painted some wooden crates with hearts spades, clover and diamond decals and put root beer bottles in them and stacked them ontop of the bar, I also bought some cheap narrow glass bottles and put all the liquor into them without labels, people order drinks by asking for a dark or light spirit. We also had a couple of poker tables set up for the casino area complete with a roulette wheel and blackjack felt. And lastly, since it was a birthday party and we were going to have a "jazz singer" in attendance, we put together a giant cake for her to pop out of and sing to the birthday girl.

The Night started off a little slow, Capone was late so we didn't have a body guard at the gate to welcome guest, but he more then made up for it by being the bartender for the evening, he even put up a tip jar, and amassed a small fortune. Well everyone waited for the all the guest to arrive, they mingled and snacked on chinese food ( which apparently was very popular in the 1920s) Once everyone arrived and was eating, Big Jim made his rounds picking fights and being rather obnoxious, once he was done he gave me the signal, a few pop it laters, and some crocodile tears from his daughter, and the inspector declared Big Jim Dead. Once the evidence was layed out and I announced a weapon scavenger hunt, the real fun began...

Everyone wanted a chance to kill everyone, I will never look at my friends the same way. Once all the weapons were found, the scheming began, Don and the Capo arranged for Rebecca to be offed because they didnt want her to have anything to do with the "business" so they told the mayor that if he liked his position and wanted to move up he had to find a way to get the job done, the mayor found out mary had a weapon and smoothed talked his lover into handing it over with the promise that he was going to off her husband and they could finally be together prim and proper like. He instead took out Rebecca. Donna was hurting for some more money from her brother and Madam and threaten to expose their little money laundering, the don promptly nipped that in the but by coming partly clean to Greasy thumbs, and after a little pay off, greasy thumbs was more then happy to keep mum about the whole thing. Donna was then cut off from her brother and started to cozy up to Rhett. The baroness was a little peeved that Al wasnt showing her much affection so she conspired and offed him at the bar later in the evening. Carrie seeing Sly amass a fortune by getting people to "invest" in his race track and other deals, took him out back, killed him with a letter opener and took all his money. Big Jim Came back as Henry the Hooch, and while everyone was panicking over capones death swiftly killed the congressmen just for fun. Vicki Ravioli in less then kindly words pointed out that the baroness was rather loose with her men.

The best costumes went to the congressmen and his wife Mary, best acting went to Donna Wannabe who flirted and acted like a spoiled brat the whole night, only 1 person pinned it on XXXXX Spoiler, the majority of the group were split between Carrie and Donna, and the most money went to none other then Greasy Thumbs, he ended up just shy of a 1000, he took both Mary and Vickis money when they weren't looking, sold lies to the inspector and blackmailed his way through the night, its no wonder he goes missing right after the party. Carrie came in second with a little over 600, which was mostly stolen from Slys dead Body.

All in all everyone had a blast and we all thought it was funny that 2 weeks later Eva longeria threw herself a 1920s bash. We are planning the part 2 for new years eve, and will be hosting the 50s reunion later this summer. These games were a blast, and fun interaction for everyone.
Congressman, Glenna Glib, and Donna Wannabe
Capo and Sly making deals
Jack Greasy Thumbs and Congressman Toosteal
Capone taking orders from the inspector at the bar
Rhett showing off his gambling skills
Carrie mid song post popping out of the cake
Sly Sleaze met his maker
Congressman Toosteal and Mary Toosteal
The whole gang
Capo Tequilla and Don Wannabe setting up the bar and mixing boozes
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Re: December 2011 Winner - 4 Deuces

Postby 2coolbaby » January 27th, 2012, 9:35 pm

Thank you for your great review. You provided lots of great ideas and put a lot of effort into your party! Congratulations, you have won a free murder mystery game!
Mary Lee
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