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April 2011 Winner -Murder at the Four Deuces - Girls Weekend

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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April 2011 Winner -Murder at the Four Deuces - Girls Weekend

Postby gtplumb » July 25th, 2011, 11:51 am

Every Year a group of 10 to 15 girls from high school get together for a weekend, this year we rented a winery B&B and hosted one of your Murder Mysteries, this was a perfect ice-breaker for a few of the new girls in the group this year.

We had a bar area with appetizers and cocktails, a pool table & poker table with a little illegal action going on and a dance floor playing all the latest 1920's music. I had bags on a table with each characters name on it, inside was a note pad, pen, name tag, money, character booklet for those that for got theres, and yes some of them did forget. Also inside the bag was some additional party favors such as a hand decorated shot glass and a business card with my website so they could view and order photos after the weekend.

A lot of the pictures made it to Face Book and needless to say we need to reserve a lager place next year due to the number of girl's wanting to attend next years get-together - next year is going to be 1980's prom...
DSC_0131_m DroPic.jpg
After the game Don ran off with Rebecca and the night got much more interesting...
DSC_0135_m DroPic.jpg
Rebecca - sweet & innocent, or is she?
DSC_0196_2_m DroPic.jpg
Reviewing the evidence...
DSC_0113_m DroPic.jpg
Baroness - A bit more smug than usual.
DSCN2998_m DroPic.jpg
Al Capone here to meet with the Chicago operation.
DSCN3022_m DroPic.jpg
Introduction & instructions to the game.
DSC_0195_2_m DroPic.jpg
Inspector Nutella - taking charge...
DSC_0160_m DroPic.jpg
Who dune it?!?!
DSCN3005_m DroPic.jpg
Don Wannabe - media picture for the opening of The Four Dueces
DSC_0154_m DRO Pic.jpg
The group of "ALL" girls...
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Re: April 2012 Winner -Murder at the Four Deuces - Girls Wee

Postby 2coolbaby » January 27th, 2012, 7:54 pm

I love your entry and really enjoyed seeing a review of an all girls game using the Four Deuces. I have had a LOT of people tell me they did them, but I never see reviews. This will let others out there know that this is a fun game to play with all girls.

While your entry was in July, I made you our April contest winner, as we had no entries for that month and I really liked your entry, so you get the spot. Congratulations!
Mary Lee
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