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Character Costumes

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Character Costumes

Postby WaffleT » October 31st, 2011, 12:53 am

I recently hosted Immortal Murders for Halloween and really enjoyed it so I've been thinking about the next one I would like to host.

My biggest stress with Immortal Murders was assigning the characters to people and then reassigning as people canceled and then and then reassigning when people asked for a +1and reassigning as more people canceled. People got quite annoyed when they were assigned a secondary character they liked and started on their costume and then needed to change to a main character that cancelled.

Needless to say 20-25 year old uni students can be a bit flaky on these things. To make it much easier for me I'm considering printing off all the characters inviting everyone and then waiting until everybody arrives before assigning the characters. This way I can avoid all that drama.

The problem with this is being able to dress up as your character. From what I've seen the 4 deuces seems to have a central theme of 1920's and that every character could get away with dressing from that era. Is there many or any characters that have more unique costumes? I could bring a prop or two for certain characters and let the rest just dress to the theme not a particular character because that would make it alot easier for me.

I'm also thinking it could be fun to create some sort of system that lets people choose their own character to one they like. Or letting people who arrived early choose their favorite to try and encourage people to arrive on time.

Please let me know if this or another of these games has a good neutral setting in which people can dress up well before knowing their characters :)
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Re: Character Costumes

Postby Adira » November 7th, 2011, 11:06 am

It's probably easier to assign everyone their characters ahead of time, but I suppose it wouldn't be necessary, especially if you don't care about assigning couples to corresponding couple characters (specific matching suggestions are included in the Guest List Worksheet.

Most characters can just dress in 1920s styles (flapper dresses for the gals, suits for the guys), but some characters do have costume suggestions (for example, Rebecca Ravioli is supposed to wear gloves and pearls). You could probably just peak in the character booklets at the costume suggestions to get any necessary accessories. I think most of the suggestions just have accessories and not specific costumes.
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Re: Character Costumes

Postby WaffleT » November 7th, 2011, 9:24 pm

Actually one of the reasons I'm considering matching the characters on the day is to make it easier to make couples as the right characters.

Last time in immortal murders I assigned couples to the correct characters and then had more difficulty when one partner canceled. For example Prince Alejandro canceled and i knew he needed to flirt with some people so i needed to reassign someone who wouldn't be uncomfortable with that however all the people who knew the girls at the party had already been assigned other main characters meaning that if i gave the role to one of them i would also need to reassign their character.

I would be sad to lose the costume prep but If i had assign on the day with everyone that turns up then it would be easier to match people correctly and nobody would need to know that they were a main character or a secondary character.
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