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Dissatisfied with customer service response/still have q's

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Dissatisfied with customer service response/still have q's

Postby carleaj » December 13th, 2011, 10:20 am

After receiving my game materials, I was delighted with the attention to detail and character information. I am hosting a Murder at the Four Deuces party this saturday and had a question so I thought the quickest way to get a direct response would be to fill out the contact form. After sending a lengthy paragraph with several questions, I was disappointed to receive a one sentence reply with misspelled words that did not fully answer my question. After replying to this correspondence asking for further explanation, I received yet another one sentence reply with another misspelled word. Maybe I am being picky but it just puts a bad taste in my mouth as far as professionalism when I receive replies like "I am sorry but that is the why the game is written. What does "that is the why the game" mean? That doesnt help me at all. The first reply used the phrase "I now" in place of "I know". The real issue here is that my questions have not sufficiently been answered. It is too late for me but hopefully someone can answer them for future users.

Here is my original email:

Hi there I am doing Four Deuces at my dinner party this saturday. I have two questions- First, I wanted to email each person attending the pdf that is included with their character description. I opened the one assigned to my character and I see that the character list on the pdf that describes my character/actions to do when I arrive only includes the first 20 players. I read on the forum that the expansion pack includes a character list that includes all the characters but the "guest list" pdf in my expansion pack only shows the extra ten characters (not the full 30). And even if it showed them all I would be confused if i got one of the character packs from the main 20 and it only had 20 characters and then I got an additional list that had 30. What should I do? Are there alternative character packs for the first 20 characters that include expansion pack characters on the list in the event that you are playing with both the original 20 plus an expansion pack? Also I have already had an evite for the party for several weeks and everyone has responded. I dont want them to have to rsvp again through the system since the party is this weekend. Is there a way for me to send character info through the system by typing in email addresses or do they have to go through the rsvp step? I saw on the website rsvp portal that that character list also only includes the first 20 characters. How would I send character info to the people assigned a character from the expansion pack? Finally since not everyone coming to my party knows each other and there are quite a few guests (25), should I send a list of who is what character ahead of time, (ex donna wannabee-carlea, al capone-alex)? Thanks so much!


Since sending this email/not getting a useful solution, I took matters into my own hands and combined each character pdf with the "guest list" from the expansion pack in adobe acrobat. I still think the average intelligent person will notice that something is fishy when there are 10 more characters on the last page in a different font. I think this is something that the creators could easily fix buy sending alternative character packets that include all 30 characters when someone purchases the expansion pack. It also doesnt make sense to me that when you open a character description from the expansion pack, for instance Color Pencille, the character list in her character description doesnt even include her or the other expansion pack characters! As for sending expansion pack characters their info through the rsvp site, I am not sure of a solution since that part of my question was not answered with the reply "I now it only shows the extra ten characters but you put them in everyones character background which has the description of the first 20."
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Re: Dissatisfied with customer service response/still have q

Postby WaffleT » December 14th, 2011, 11:10 am

I understand your frustration but that was a minor spelling mistake as everyone has occasionally missed a letter on a keyboard and when spell check doesn't pick it up we can get lazy about rereading.

From the reply you were given it is clear that they either didn't read or didn't understand your question and I do think they should have done a better job, However your email was quite difficult to pull apart to find the questions. I would suggest a few paragraphs separating individual questions to make it easier to understand and therefore answer.

In the original email its a little tricky to tell what your asking and its very possible the person reading only saw the question on assigning characters from the expansion pack and assumed you would just do as instructed from documentation and let everything run its course as normal which is poor service but understandable

After reading in your follow up paragraph that your concern was not with the assigning of characters but with people knowing which characters were "extra" characters it was easier to go back and find new meaning in your original email, the confusion of multiple sheets could easily be sorted out on the night but sharp individuals would immediately notice the appearance of "extras"

I think the designer of the game thought of the extra characters in the same way as you would with innocent bystander characters where its immediately obvious they are playing a detective roll not a potential murderer and possibly they wanted to keep the potential murders down to the 20 to make sure the game was not too challenging, I know that even with only 20 suspects my guests found it tricky to pick the murderer.

It also becomes tricky because there are 3 possible expansion packs for Murder at the four Deuces, to include a character list of 30 would imply that you can only add 1 expansion pack to the game or if you added more per expansion then it would mean you couldn't add characters from expansion pack 3 without first adding packs 1 and 2.

I think this matter should be made clearer in the original documentation but i think its fine the way it stands where each person just gets the list of the 20 potential murderers and the extra characters get introduced on the day. The option of keeping people in the dark is good however i do respect it would be a fair amount of work to collect and include various pfd's for all the different scenarios possible.

As the Host you could always only send out each person individual character with no list of anyone else at all, keeping everyone in the dark and giving everyone a fresh reading of all the characters in play just before the event. This would solve this problem and only need the inclusion of character pdf's the only include their bio. (something to host could also make using the current materials)

Thanks for reading this far and hopefully this was some food for thought :)
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Re: Dissatisfied with customer service response/still have q

Postby 2coolbaby » January 12th, 2012, 9:08 pm

First, I would very much like to thank WaffleT for answering this and she was right on in her answer.

Carleaj. I read your posted email and I was with WaffleT in not really understanding what you were saying. I spoke to my customer service person and they also thought you were asking something different and as for the misspelled one line reply, she indicated that she answered your email after hours from her iPhone. She is not a huge texting fan and tends to answer with as few words as possible, when she uses her iPhone. Anyone with an iPhone will also attest to the propensity of the iPhone to change your words without any input from you and if you don't see it happening, you won't even notice it did so. I do apologize for that, as she should have read it over before sending.

Now to the problem itself. Since our games have 2-3 extra character packets, and we never know which one or combination of ones will be purchased by a host/ess, it would be impossible to do what you say should be a simple matter. Having insertions in character booklets was the best solution we could come up with. We have used these with never a complaint or question about it. In addition, a 30 second google search revealed that you can use contact cement or PVA glue to bind these pages into the booklets where no one will know.

I do hope that all went well for your party and I apologize for our customer service not communicating as well as they should have with you.
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