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Comments and Suggestions

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Comments and Suggestions

Postby stragic1 » January 15th, 2012, 7:02 pm

Last night I hosted my first ever dinner party and it was a lot of fun! Even though there were 18 people there no one actually solved the murder, except the murderer themselves. A big reason is that most people forgot that they could inspect the evidence. No fault to the game but as a host I should of emphasized it a little more, even though all the pieces were displayed on a big coffee table!


Many of my guests commented that they were being asked about many things they weren't aware of about their character. For example. Rhett was asked a few times about losing his house. He said he had no idea that this was happening. Now I haven't gone through each character background so he could have just missed it, but I assume that there are a few things like that to make for some interesting rumours.

The scavenger hunt was fun but I ran it a little differently. After the 10 minutes of solving I told te guest they had the 5 minutes of finding. However, after that I said it is fair game if you come across one during the night, which was important in our game since only 2 were found during the first hunt.

Our investigator said he was never quite sure what his purpose was but he did a fantastic job sneaking around and hiding around corners during conversations. He caught me (Al Capone) talking to the congressman if he would support my movement to take charge of the business if I support his move in politics.


A few times some of my guests asked what the point was to their "goals" in their confidential booklet. I know that when everyone is really into it this is a none issue, but one way I think you could improve incentive is give certain point values to goals and at the end of the night award the person with the most. I read a couple characters and some were much more difficult than others so it would be difficult but I think it would add a little motivation.

I know it would be a little difficult but it would be a big selling point if there were multiple solutions. I would love to play it again but I know I never could because I know the solution and that takes a lot of fun out of it.

Overall though I had a blast and now that I've done one I'm sure our 2nd annual Dinner and a Murder will be even better! You definitely have a recommendation from me!
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Re: Comments and Suggestions

Postby 2coolbaby » January 17th, 2012, 4:56 am

I appreciate your comment and I am always open to suggestions, but considering the differences in information, importance and other tangibles, a point system would be difficult to implement. Our characters are driven by the people playing them and not boxed into a corner like a scripted game. The Confidential information is just a guide and how they use the information is really up to them. The more they use their information, the more intrigue and fun they end up having. I think that is the built in reward system :wink:

I will have to look into the Rhett issue. This game has been out for 11 years. We have hosted it 5 times ourselves and this is the first I heard of it.

As far as playing it again, here is my reply to another customer who had that question:

Actually, you can play the same game many more times, even with the same group. Let me explain. If you have the same guests, you would just assign them to different characters than they played previously. This in itself completely changes the game, as no two people will use information in the same way. After the first hour, each game is a totally new game, as the characters are driven by the guests playing them. One choice made by one character can change many things in a game. We have played Murder at the Four Deuces 5 times now, with around 5 of the guests always being the same and they still want to play it again. I WRITE the games and I can still play. Within an hour, I have no clue what is going on, as new intrigues that I did not write have been developing, created by the people playing their characters. Most people forget who the original murderer is (as this is the only consistent variable). Even if they don't, it doesn't matter as our games are so much fun to play that people actually forget to investigate the murder(s). To make this point, I just saw a video that was posted to the forum by a customer. It was a Murder at the Four Deuces party done in fast forward from a standing camera. What you will see is loads of people running around like crazy and obviously scheming and having fun, what you won't see is anyone looking at the evidence after the Inspector presents it! Why? Because people are so busy with what they are doing that they could care less!

Check it out here:

Hope this helps!

You, of course, discovered this with your own party! People could really care less about the murder. It is all about the scheming and secrets. You can play this game again and again. I know, as my normal guests have asked me to throw another one yet again. They LOVE this game!

If you discover any other issues or have more suggestions, please let me know. It was a customer posting in the forum that gave me the idea for the weapon card system, so I really do love new ideas and there isn't a product in the world that could not be improved on!
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