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January Contest Entry

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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January Contest Entry

Postby stoutkar » January 24th, 2007, 4:43 pm

I am entering our group into the January contest because our New Year's Eve bash lasted well into 2007! As a group of college students and recent college grads there was a high amount of skepticism surrounding our first Murder Mystery party. As the host, I was worried our male characters would not get into the game and show up without costumes and props. What a surprise because our male characters were our best actors!

Before the evening began I decorated the house with strands of playing cards and all the materials we would need for the party. Our group of 10 met at an Italian restaurant with an attached piano bar. I selected the restaurant for the special ravioli dishes, "flapper" martinis, and piano bar where Carrie could do some vocal warmups.

Upon returning to the house everyone changed into full costume and full character. The pictures do not do justice to how well the night went, and I wish I could include sound clips of all the different accents that started popping up. The only true hitch that night was when the murder occurred I turned the lights on instead of off! It provided for some comic relief at the time, and we still laugh about my timing today.

The party continued for a few hours and we rang in the new year still in costume. After midnight there were three more murders and the solution was revealed. We were all shocked at how many details were involved in the murder, but the game was laid out so well that there were no complaints. I handed out prizes like Vogue magazine for best dressed and served a Nutella dessert in honor of the Nose.

The night continued with authentic cocktails, and we had a great time discussing the ins and outs of our characters. This game was such a fun and creative way to ring in the new year. The game was great for our younger group, and I am considering hosting another party for my parents and family friends. Thanks Dinner and a Murder for all the memories!
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the whole group!
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the gentlemen...
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the ladies...
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