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Winner! Murder at the Four Deuces Contest Entry

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Winner! Murder at the Four Deuces Contest Entry

Postby » October 27th, 2013, 10:30 pm

For my husband's birthday, we decided to throw a murder mystery party so I went online and started researching. I'm so happy that I came across because having never thrown a party like this, I was a bit intimidated and worried things might not go so smoothly but really took care of everything and made everything super clear.
We had a total of 33 people come to the Grand Opening of the Four Deuces and everyone of them had a blast!

The party start time was at 9 but things didn't really get going till about 9:35, with everyone showing up, getting food, and printing out a few extra character packets that some forgot. Luckily I took Dinner and a Murder's advice and had sent them via email and facebook, so some people were able to look at their character packets through their phone. yay technology!

After I made the host announcement everyone broke off into character and a few confrontations happened around the poker table where a few chairs might have been thrown by Big Jim. This was outside and the chairs were plastic so it was hilarious to watch everyone's reactions. I was worried that some people would be shy, having 33 people not everyone knew each other, but everyone really got into their roles and didn't mind being friends or enemies with people they never met, if the role called for it of course.

In order to calm Big Jim down we had Carrie sing a song. It was perfect, she sang happy birthday to my husband and after that Big Jim went to the center of the living room to make an announcement and things got real! lol!

After the main murder we all had dinner. We ordered from a nearby italian restaurant cause cooking pasta for 33 people was something this host was not capable of. haha! Even at dinner people were scheming which was great. One of my favorite parts was the scavenger hunt Dinner and a Murder set up! It was great seeing everyone hunting for those murder weapons. My favorite hiding spot was a black high heeled shoe I placed right by the brothel (our outdoor shed) :lol:

The murders continued after that. Among those who didn't make it were Tequila, Rebecca, Don Wannabe (my hubby :( ), and Vicky. Vicky was actually killed by mistake. Carrie Crooner had payed Henry Hootch to kill The Baroness but Henry had a lil to much of his gin and got the 2 confused! It was so funny to watch Carrie freak out when she found out the wrong person had been killed! Oh and Al Capone ended up becoming Boss of Bosses! That's what I loved about this game, was that there were more things going on than 1 murder. Every character had their own story line and own goals to achieve, they were so into the game. The whodunnit cards were collected and counted and only 1 person out of 33 figured out who the killer was! The person with the most money ended up making 1,200! The murderer was revealed around 12:30 and people were having so much fun that the last group of people left around 3:30. We got so many complements on how fun the party was. Thank you Dinner and a Murder, this was an event to remember!

My sis in law and I also made a jail line up so guest could take their mug shots. We turned our office into a jail and everyone loved it!
The Four Deuces Dining Room
tony twerk_m.jpg
Big Jim going Miley on Carrie Crooner Ravioli
Don Wannabe and Madam Meme
Photo 388.jpg
The last group to leave the scene
well somebody's dead!
vicky and carrie.jpg
Vicky hating on her ex husbands new wife Carrie
Al Capone, Mary Toosteal and the Mayor
Carrie and Madam Meme doing the charleston
big jim and vicky.jpg
Vicky getting on Big Jim's last nerve!
Rhett by the poker table
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