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Murder at the Four Deuces

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Murder at the Four Deuces

Postby tina.marquez » December 16th, 2013, 5:16 pm

WOW !! Bees knees for sure!! I could not have imagined that this would have turned out as GREAT as it did. I mean GREAT !!!! I have always wanted to attend a murder mystery dinner party, so I planned it for my 40th birthday. I wasn’t sure how guess were going to perceive the invitation, maybe juvenile; let me tell any doubters that is furthest from the truth!! I had 40ish in attendance, every guest dressed from the tip of their toes to the tip of their head. I could not believe it; characters in full swing.

After confirming attendees, I mailed out a packet (to build excitement) that included the invitation to the Grand Opening of the Four Deuces, their character backgrounds, their money, 1920’s Slang cheat sheet, a few notes for the guest and a password for entrance to the speakeasy.

I set up the front room as the flapper’s lounge, the hallway as the brothel, dining room as the bar, patio transformed into the casino and the living room as the dining area. Everything looked great!!

The guests were greeted as they walked in by Don Wannabe and Madame Meme, directed to the Casino to gamble and mingle. The cigarette girl was sent out with gum, candy cigarettes, cigars and flowers for the lady. While gambling, giggle juice and wine served with appetizers; soon the backstabbing, bribing, and plotting began. Everyone in attendance was in full character!!! As I passed through the party, R.K. Oswald was trying to blackmail Don Wannabe, later Al Capone was sent in to send R.K. Oswald to swim with the fishes. Vicky Ravioli was escorted out of the bar, after calling Carrie a floozy, poor Vicky. The Baroness was on everyone's last nerve, demanding everything now. We called everyone to the dining room for a singing act arranged as a surprise for Don Wannabe from Big Jim. Show and a murder, as the singer sang the last note, the lights went out and shots rang out. There had been a murder at the Four Deuces ~!!! With detective Neville in the house, she took charge immediately. No one would be allowed leave the premises. Gambling, dining, and murder, it was a great night had by all.

Whodunits collected, votes tallied and awards passed out. After dinner drinks and gambling continued until 1 in the morning.

Thank you to Mary and all who assist her. This was beyond my wildest; I loved it, party goers still calling me about what a great time they had. I will tell everyone I know about you and your site. I am already thinking about Murder at the Sock Hop for next year. I hope you enjoy the attached pictures. Thank you again.
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