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Great First Timers

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Murder Mystery Parties!

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Great First Timers

Postby evoglewede » April 22nd, 2007, 8:26 am

We had always talked about doing a great murder mystery dinner party for a while with our friends, but had never found the time and always dreaded the "work" we thought it would be to do. After lots of research with every company on the web (My husband is a researcher by trade) we decided the 4 Deuces was the best put together and most straight-forward with a great story line. We were still hesitant, but went ahead anyway. It was amazing how everything fell into place after that. Everyone got into making themed food, dressing up, including some really nice and elaborate dresses and characters. We found decorating a blast and even got my brother and his friend to be speakeasy "staff" to serve and make sure guests were having a good time. The night started out with everyone wondering how it worked, after setting up the night (provided) everyone got into right away. It is amazing how many people are hidden actors :wink: . I loved the fake bruises, the sneaky actions, wig, plotting, stealing, and re-stealing of items. People had no problems starting conversations and playing up the fact that they may just "feed someone to the fishes :twisted: " The night was great and everyone asked how soon we would do it again. People I hadn't even told about the great night have stopped me and asked if they could get invited to he next one. I think we may have started a trend. It was easy to set-up, even easier to play out, and a great time by all. Even though everyone had their reservations at first, Dinner and a Murder, came through with an entertaining experience and fun by all. :P [/quote]
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Part of the motley crew. What a good time.
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Now that is one Sly guy!
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Nice bruise, who was it that did they, I'll take care of him...
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What are they up to???
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Postby 2coolbaby » April 22nd, 2007, 11:59 am

I am happy to see all went well. I have to tell you that the biggest part of our time is calming worried hostesses :lol: In most cases this is all new to them and the guests & being a newbie makes it hard to see how it is all going to work. They fret and stress. I just grin and say "Don't worry it always works!" So many people just don't know what every one of their friends is capable of, but they discover very soon that every single one of their guests is capable of secretive, plotting, thieving, murderous and devious behavior :twisted: At one of our parties you cannot trust anyone unless something is in it for them... and even then you better keep at least one eye on them!
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