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June 2008 Winner - Four Deuces Tame - The perfect 16th!

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Teen Rated Murder Mystery Parties!

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June 2008 Winner - Four Deuces Tame - The perfect 16th!

Postby Bedazzled » June 23rd, 2008, 7:38 am

I bought the Four Deuces Teen version for my 16th birthday and considerable hype built up about it. Normally that kind of excitement ends in disappointment, but this time that was not the case. The night ran smoothly and everyone seemed to have a great time; the only disappointment was when it was time to go home. (Everyone is now desperate to play the Four Deuces 2)

We started with an hour lesson of 1920's Charleston, out of character, but already the music and the costumes had created a great atmosphere.
I read out the Host Announcement in a very loud, and perhaps a little cheap, American accent (all the guests were Australian) and then from the word go most people had developed some kind of an accent. The characters had simply taken over us.

One highlight of the espionage of the night was a touch of robbery: A very good card player (possibly even cheater) won heaps of money playing cards. When people were enlisted to kill him for his money they were stumped by his immunity card. Frustrated and determined, a large group of girls lured this boy into a side room and attacked him. Though he managed to hold onto immunity the money was secured and divided among the robbers - although the person who divided the money took an extra cut for themselves.
This sort of thing went on all night. Personally, I spent the night pretending that I had gotten drunk with grief over my husbands death while at the same time making eyes at my 'lover'. It was insanely fun and a great excuse to be a drama queen.

One of the guests kindly wrote a short part of her experience at the party as a story from her character's point of view. She had the most money by far at the end of the night:

Guilda Guiseppi yawned as she glanced around the Four Deuces. She poured herself a drink and stationed herself within a metre of Don Wannabe, straining her ears to catch snippets of conversation. She didn't trust the guy and unfortunately her previous attempts at questioning him had made him too cautious to say anything more to her outside of small talk.
Guilda frowned; eavesdropping was harder than she thought. The roaring music along with the roaring drunk made it impossible to hear a word that was being muttered (even at this close proximity). She glanced around the room again and headed over to Mary Toosteal. Her husband – the US congressman, up for the next election – was suspicious too; maybe she could get something out of a nice conversation with his wife.
"Guilda!" Mary exclaimed. "How are you?"
"Good good. I hope you’re husband is in good health."
Mary hesitated at this. "Can I talk to you… in private?"
Guilda nodded and the two headed towards a deserted corner.
"I was wondering if you could do me a favour..." Mary's voice was scarcely a whisper as she leaned towards Guilda's ear.
"What sort of favour?" It was unwise to accept things until you knew what you were getting yourself into.
"Well... say I need some rumours spread about."
Guilda considered it. It wasn't a hard task, and it wasn't like she had anything else to do, what with her husband at the poker table. And she couldn't possibly lose anything from this. It was then that the ingenious thought struck her. "How much so I get paid?" she asked.
Mary was taken by surprise. "Uh… one hundred?"
"One hundred?" She replied with false disgust. To tell the truth she had no idea what this sort of service was worth, but if she sounded convincing enough she could surely get away with more. "No less than three hundred."
"Two hundred."
The possession of the agreed money was exchanged along with a few quick words before the two departed. As Guilda made her away around having 'casual' conversations with the most gossipy people in the room, she considered the money. Her husband being Jim's accountant meant that she had some inside information that could fetch a nice price with people such as... that suspicious gangster. And Don's wife looked like she was gullible enough to pay a hefty price for their family secret to remain 'secret'.
And who would suspect that half the money in the room was being relocated to her purse? She was, after all, the most 'innocent' person around.
As his widow reads the will allowed most appear serious. But is Mary... smiling? And where has Carrie's lipstick gone?
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Listening to the will - most have been left nothing
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The inspector contemplates a murder... or are donuts on his mind?
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We all pair up for a dancing respite
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Al Capone makes an entrance with a lady on each arm.
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Re: Four Deuces Teen - The perfect 16th!

Postby 2coolbaby » June 30th, 2008, 11:39 am

That was just too cute. I really loved the Guilda story and her imaginative use of information she had. You also showed how important that little Immunity Card can be :wink:
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