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A Sweet Sixteen Murder at the Four Deuces

PostPosted: January 19th, 2009, 1:22 pm
by Teleskier
Dear Mary Lee,

Last weekend we hosted Murder at the Four Deuces for the first time and I wanted to tell you what a great success it was. Our daughter and two of her friends were hosting a joint, sweet sixteen party, and wanted to do something special for the event. Being long time players of Nancy Drew mystery games, they wished to have a mystery party in which all their guests could participate. One of the girls selected the 1920’s as the time period for the mystery and, after searching the internet, we found your website.

Although one of the girls was at first concerned that the guests would resist interactive role-play, the sample provided enough information to convince her to go ahead. We followed the steps outlined in the host guide and, because they invited thirty guests, downloaded two extra character packets. The invitations created a lot of buzz and it wasn’t long before all the principal players were filled and the extra characters were being assigned. Because we had slightly more girls than boys on the guest list, we modified and rewrote some of the juicier extra character roles to fit young women. Mr. Smith became Miss Smith, Jimmy became Mitsy Skimmy, and we decided to use Lucky Lucy. We expanded their secret information and enlarged their roles using some of the information from other “extras”. The decision to use the role of Lucky Lucy was fortuitous for us, as the young woman playing this role was hilarious and was ultimately voted Best Actress.

To accommodate all the guests, we rented the lodge at a local YMCA camp for the evening. It was perfect. We constructed props for the party with paint, plywood, plastic and hardboard, creating a nightclub atmosphere with music, signs, lights a stage and bar. Each of the parents took a role as a staff member at the club. The night of the party, all of the guests came in character and were met at the door by the maitre de of the club who confirmed their “reservations”. He also passed out their guest packages containing money, notebooks, pencils and extra copies of their character background information. The bar was a hit and particular favorites that evening were Virgin Mojitos and a concoction named the “Deuce Coupe”, which was served in a martini glass. The guests couldn’t wait to start the mystery and spent three hours bribing, blackmailing, cajoling and laughing. Grins were found everywhere. They loved playing the characters and would have continued on through the night if time didn’t require us to end it. The boys, particularly, wanted more time to continue their plotting and comical murderous schemes. The award presentations brought rounds of catcalls, more laughs and applause. During this past week, all of the chatter has been about the party and I mentioned to the three girls that there was a sequel to the mystery. They reviewed it on the internet and are already beginning to plan this follow-up murder mystery party for their seventeenth birthdays.

Thank you for a wonderful and entertaining mystery!

Re: A Sweet Sixteen Murder at the Four Deuces

PostPosted: January 19th, 2009, 3:09 pm
by 2coolbaby
I think that is such a great idea. It is almost like a school dance with parents pitching in. I am so glad the kids had fun. Teens really do take to these games, even more than adults!