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Jan 2009 Winner Entry Four Deuces Murder Mystery

PostPosted: January 26th, 2009, 4:00 am
by sruecker
December 31, 1922

As Chicago experiences end of year Deep Freeze with temperatures falling to -30C , the Grand Opening of The Four Deuces still plans to open with a bang.

Don and Meme Wannabe continued with their plans as the exclusive guests were determined to attend despite the weather. On entering the ritzy joint on the red carpet, I was greeted by Al Capone,.This newshawk was able to gain entrance only by coughing up a pair of C notes. Al remembered me from our old neighborhood, and let me get a slant at the joint. I also peeped that he was packing heat.. I started scooping out this drum and noticed many high class dames and cats. I was curious as to why the copper Inspector, the Nose, Nutella was in attendance till he confirmed that he was investigating the carnage of the Black Hand Gang. The canary Carrie Crooner was going to be giving a special performance tonight. Man that gal has a set of pipes.

This joint is the cat’s meow, the band was the bee’s knees and the dames were dangling their best oyster fruit. I guarantee this is some ritzy clip joint. The evening became scrambled when Big Jim was struck by Chicago lightning and took the Big Sleep. More news to follow in tomorrows edition as details unfold in the murder of Big Jim.
Suezy Socialite

All guests showed up dressed to kill. We supplied the boas for the woman and hats for the men. One couple actually visited their grandparents and had some authentic 1920 accessories.

I was able to take photos of everyone that was coming and used these to create black & white 8 x 10 photos to place around the casino and the club area. At the end of the evening, guests were allowed to take their photos home with them. Some of them really did look like mug shots, others (the women’s) turned out so good, they said it was the best photo they had of themselves.

Everyone had a blast. We planned to actually have Carrie sing, so we set up a stage area and Carrie mimed the song The Beginning of the Blues, which we were able to download off the web. After her performance the lights went out and a gun shot sounded, (people actually screamed, it wasn’t a real gun) and Big Jim slumped onto the lap of Rebecca Ravioli (Poor Jim had a slight back problem), but scared poor Rebecca when he actually fell on her. When the lights came back on, the Baroness started weeping hysterically, Rebecca jumped up and really screamed when she realized what happened. It was amazing to realize the talent for acting our guests had.

Because I was acting as hostess, my time was focused on keeping the party flowing and maintaining my character so I missed out on obtaining any great amount of financial gain till it came time to give out the weapon clues. I decided the only way I was going to make a quick buck was to auction off the clues. I did pretty well for myself. I had decided the employ the scavenger hunt for the weapons. It caused such a hilarious chain of events.

We restricted the amount of people (guys) allowed to gamble at the roulette table, blackjack and poker or else the guys would have hung out there all night. Everyone wound up mingling and having a great time and playing their characters to the fullest. The Baroness cried a lot, Meme kept trying to hook everyone up, Capo was being a little to smooth for my liking (I was Vicky Ravioli), Carrie gave an awesome performance, U.S. Congressman Darrin Toosteal was played by a real City Councilman, Mary was a little snob and a bit pushy if you ask me and Al Capone was the muscle of the evening.

As the party moved along, there were several other murders that took place. At the end of the evening, the real murder told me that he/she was worried that they might get bumped off too, so he/she had to be a lot more subtle.

At the end of the evening, when award time came, everyone was astonished to learn that the Inspector had the most money with a whooping total of $32,000. Come to find out, he was acting so mellow, no one really paid attention to him and he stole money from the Casino, the dealers tips and anywhere else he saw the chance. We finished up with an auction of unmarked, wrapped gifts, so that everyone could take something home as a memento of the night. The Inspector wound up sharing his ill gotten gains with others that didn’t have enough to score a prize.

We gave roles to my grandsons for the Casino. One was a croupier and the other the blackjack dealer. I really did warn them to watch their money, but the Inspector was just to smooth. We told them they were undercover cops investigating the carnage of the Black Hand Gang, but they were not to report to the Inspector if they found anything out.

Real Extortion
We had four extra murders. Everyone was wanting to bump someone off. Don Wannabe, who in real life is an electrician came to me and said he would give me anything if I would give him a clue as to where a weapon was. I told him I had a small electrical job I would like done. A deal was made and two days after the party, he showed up and did the job and he got to bump someone off.
I really wasn’t planning on holding him to it, but it was only a ½ hr job. He is a close friend with our kids.

I had great fun decorating for the party. We put a room divider at the front entrance so the guests couldn’t see into the room till they were allowed entrance through the red roped area by Al Capone. My living room was transformed into the club area, where the food and tables were set up and my dining room/kitchen was turned into the casino side of the speakeasy. I put the brick scene setter over my fireplace wall and hung some pictures of the guests on it. Everyone commented on the transformation. We had the Bathtub Gin, fake booze bottles filled with colored water. I learned how to cover shoes from one of your web connections

For some, this was their first murder mystery. Already, everyone is asking about next New Years. Some, who had been to other murder mystery parties said that this one was the best they had ever been too. The way the whole game played out and the extra murder option really put a cool spin on things. We plan to do the another next year. The detail you provide is amazing, like the dictionary, (which we all tried memorizing) the music, the web program for invitations and role assignments, fashion and makeup advice. Thank you for such a great night.

Re: Jan 2009 Winner Entry Four Deuces Murder Mystery

PostPosted: March 28th, 2009, 6:23 pm
by sendalittlerain
Where did you get the brick wall cover-up? It's great!

Re: Jan 2009 Winner Entry Four Deuces Murder Mystery

PostPosted: April 14th, 2009, 11:56 pm
by sruecker
Sorry it took so long. I got the brick scene setter at the Party Place store (in Edmonton, Alberta). They are a chain type store and I know that they also have stores in the US. I went on their web site and was able to also get a coupon that I used. Hope this helps and that its not to late for the info.