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Murder At Four Deuces 50th Surprise Birthday

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces Teen Rated Murder Mystery Parties!

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Murder At Four Deuces 50th Surprise Birthday

Postby sagacious1 » February 6th, 2012, 2:22 am

I wanted to give my wife a 50th birthday party she would not forget and started thinking about how I would pull that off. When I started thinking about doing a murder mystery dinner I thought it would be much like a local dinner playhouse in Atlanta called Agatha's. The experience at Agatha's is a lot of fun but much more scripted and read by the characters.

When I started my online search to see what was available I couldn't find anything that really jumped out at me until I found this one. When I started reading about it and realized there was a much more interactive quality to this and the setting was in the 1920's, which would give everyone an opportunity to create their own character looks I knew I was on the right track.

I put it all together in a week. Once I had downloaded the package and started to see how it was all layed out in a very organized detail I went to work casting the characters. I did have some people back out through the week but with a little rethinking I recast the characters to other people without a problem, even when I had a no show during the evening of the party. I created a description page about the party and attached that to an email along with the character background, the 1920's slang pdf I found on the site and a picture of one of the parties that had posted on this forum to give my guests an idea of what they needed to look like.

To add a little gambling element to the party I wanted to make sure the Black Jack table was visited by all of the characters during the evening, even the one's that did not know how to play Black Jack. I used some plastic gold coins as the Black Jack money, different then the other money for the game, and included a little page in the character package that told them they had to play at least 5 hands of Black Jack and get the paper signed by the dealer as part of the task list for the evening. I gave an award for the character with the most plastic coins at the end of the evening.

Everyone loved the event and most of the guests had never done anything like this before. I did find that as much as I tried to get everyone to look over their character information before the event only a few had. The next one I do I think I will have the guest arrive a half hour earlier and give them a little more time to learn about their character and prepare for their part.

The evening was a huge success and the organizational elements you have included with the package are a big help. I was certain I would forget something or somehow get stuck along the way but everything went perfectly. This was a huge lesson in human behavior and really a lot of fun to put together. I think I had just as much fun if not more then the guest did just planning it all out.

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Action Scene - Four Deuces Murder Mystery Surprise 50th Birthday Party

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Re: Murder At Four Deuces 50th Surprise Birthday

Postby 2coolbaby » March 6th, 2012, 7:04 pm

Thanks for the great review, but the big question is... was your wife surprised and did she enjoy it?
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