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Great game

Feedback on Killer Reunion Murder Mystery Parties!

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Great game

Postby accl110779 » December 30th, 2007, 12:12 am


I have just held my dinner and murder party (Killer Reunion). The planning was very easy after i had downloaded all the necessary files.

I did not play, since i felt i had to supervise the whole game and that was indeed true as quite a lot of my guests were getting confused at times and i had to step in to help out.

Overall, i would say it is a great game to play and it is lots of fun. However, i felt the following could be improved:

1. Some of the stories within the story got a bit confusing and during the game my guests had to go back and check their booklets.

This is why we space out the release of the background and the confidential and why they are given booklets to refer to. We don't expect people to learn their info. Just read it and refer when needed. We could go without sub-plots, but that would really affect the whole game. The majority of people love the sub-plots. It keeps things interesting. Without them your game would get boring really quickly and no host wants that.

2. During the weapon card search, the players kind of knew who got the weapons. Simply because they all solved the riddles at the same time and were looking at the same spots. In order to protect the murderer i just proclaimed that the weapon cards also "could" be used as bribery (although it was not the case).

Weapon cards can be used in any way they want. They can actually be used in bribery, they can be sold, people can hire someone with a card. A card is very seldom used by the actual person that finds it, because they do become very valuable.

I have just started a poll about the weapon card scavenger hunt. I would appreciate your input. You can see it here: ... php?t=1411

3. I also threw in the possibility that the detectives might be guilty. That just confused everyone and added a new twist to the game.

Detectives can be guilty. In most of our games they have as many secrets as everyone else.

4. I set a time limit and we ended after exactly 3 hours of game.

aI tend to wait and let the guests determine the ending. When things start slowing down, I know it is time to wrap things up.

Now, all my guests want an encore. They felt that since we played this for the very first time, they now got the hang of it and kind of know how things proceed. I would say that for first-timers it is hard to catch on all the little clues that are thrown in during the conversations.

aI am glad you did ultimately enjoy things. For future reference, all of our games can be solved just from the Evidence alone. It doesn't matter at all if someone does not catch onto the little clues. Not everyone has the mind of a detective and that is okay. This is why we have so many sub-plots. They might not know who committed the murder, but they are going to have fun scheming and plotting their way through the evening anyway!

In any case, thanks for the great game.

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Postby 2coolbaby » December 31st, 2007, 11:13 am

See my replies in blue above in your post. Thanks!
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