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Killer Reunion Class of 1990

PostPosted: October 21st, 2009, 12:43 pm
by jrannettetay
What a BLAST!!! 18 of our friends and family gathered last weekend for an awesome mystery dinner! We chose the Killer Reunion and decided to make it for the class of 1990! We figured late 80's or early 90's fashion would work out great! And it did! Everyone came dressed up and in character from the very beginning! Some outfits were horribly funny! Throughout the night we fought (as a part of the fun of course), bribed, lied, stole, and laughed til it hurt! The hardest part was keeping a straight face during those "serious" moments. I put pictures up on facebook and so many have been asking me where we got the game! We happily directed them to you! We loved it so much we're planning to do another one around Christmas! Thanks for such a great party idea! Hope you enjoy the pictures!