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Killer Event!

Feedback on Killer Reunion Murder Mystery Parties!

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Killer Event!

Postby sloldh2 » February 18th, 2012, 11:46 pm

We had our party tonight. It was a group from church, so we knew it needed to be tame, and my husband made me pick something that involved subtle costumes because there are some very shy members of our group. This was a good game for that because people could be as creative (or not) as they wanted. As it turned out, the person who is typically the most reserved came in the best costume-- he won the prize!! Everyone dressed up and really got into their characters. I have hosted two other murders and this one was the most interactive. Very engaging.

Here is our feedback:
-I read on the reviews that typo's had been fixed, but we still found quite a few in the downloaded version. This drove me a little crazy because I felt like I needed to apologize for the misuse of grammar and explain that it came that way. (An example is the use of "do" for "due.") We had a few editorial types in the group who care about that sort of thing. I expected a more expensive kit to have been well proofed.

-I found it hard to be the hostess and be one of the characters. It's very doable-- it's extremely well organized! It's just a lot to keep up with!

-On the who-done-it cards, we decided it would have been more interesting for us to have had to also guess who killed Marilyn (if anyone?) and maybe who (if anyone?) was responsible for burning the shopping center. It wasn't useful to have people write down who killed whom throughout the evening, although it made for very interesting conversation after the solution was read! WHY people were killed was much more interesting that who was killed! It may also be interesting for people to have to guess a motive for David's murder on the cards.

-When a person was killed, we gave them a new identity, per the instructions in the game. I wouldn't do that next time. It was hard for that person to get up to speed on a new character and it made the costuming hard (however, it was helpful for the rest of us to learn new information!) Our crew would have been fine to have just sat out once they were killed.

-We gave out prizes along with the certificates. We used things like a Magic Eraser (for cleaning up evidence), Tide To Go stain remover for the best dressed (to get out any suspicious stains), a Payday candy bar (for the one who had the most money at the end), etc.

-We did use the scavenger hunt. It worked out well.

All in all, this was a very fun evening. The group did a fabulous job dressing up and staying in character. We had a great time trying to figure things out, and had as much fun exchanging information as a group after the murderer was revealed.
Only a few people figured out the murderer, but it was possible to figure him/her out from the conversations and evidence (in past games, even the murderer was surprised to learn he/she had done it!) The guests were very complimentary of the complexity of the game. It was very well scripted! Bravo, and thanks!

(I don't have any pictures with me, but I can post some once I get them from our photographer!)
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Re: Killer Event!

Postby 2coolbaby » March 6th, 2012, 7:12 pm

Thanks so much for the review. I am glad that you found the joys of an interactive game. Our games have been through 2 English major editors. The first is what you see, but we found that they had still missed a LOT. We are still in our, hopefully, final edit. Unfortunately, we have a LOT of games to edit and in the process we are also changing and adding some new elements into the games, so this final edit cannot be published until this process is completed. We are hoping to have everything done by the summer.
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