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Amazing Game! Thank you!

Feedback on The Santa Clause Murder Mystery Parties.

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Amazing Game! Thank you!

Postby TheKriegbaums » December 12th, 2011, 5:37 pm

I invited 10 people over this last weekend for our First Annual Murder Mystery Christmas Potluck Dinner and we had a blast! The game seemed a bit overwhelming for me at first, but after I read and reread the instructions, things started to fall into place. We had one guest unable to attend, so I quickly jumped into her character (Gabby Gossip) and luckily played well enough to keep things running. Our condo is small, so we had to skip the weapons treasure hunt and just draw cards out of the hat. I'm definitely going to have another party next year, and now I'll know some things in advance. First, I'll be more insistent that my guests read and understand their characters before they come. Some people got really into their characters, and others had barely glanced at their background info. Another thing I'll reinforce is how the weapons and actions cards work. We were a bit confused for awhile, but later figured them out. A couple people didn't understand that they needed to "kill" someone in order for the game to keep running smoothly. In all, it was fantastic. People are still talking about it and we all can't wait to have one again next year!
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