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My Promise to your the Customer!

I strive to provide excellent customer service. I enjoy hearing your comments and always welcome suggestions!

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My Promise to your the Customer!

Postby 2coolbaby » November 24th, 2004, 3:21 pm

I occasionally have people ask me why my games cost more then some others available on the web. Well there are a couple of very good reasons for this. First and foremost I put a LOT more work into my games. They are bigger and better then most competitors. We include things in our games that others don't like the How to Play Brochure, Full size Authentic looking Evidence, Certificates, Game Money and other misc. items. Our plots are well thought out and integrated into the game. This insures that your party will run smoothly and naturally for you the host and your guests.

We don't just throw together a lame plot, sell it and feel like we are done. We provide free phone support for all aspects of your party. Many of my customers rely on my experience to help them plan their party right. I answer any and all questions they might have and provide suggestions that can improve their party. A sale to a customer isn't over until their party is over. Many of my customers know this first hand and that is why they come back to me when they start planning their next murder mystery party. They also know that they are getting a fun game that is going to be talked about for weeks afterward. Those selling the cheap games cannot honestly claim this and they do not provide the level of customer service I do.

On the biggest party nights of the year I am not out celebrating. I am at home to help my customers with any last minute emergencies that can pop up. Last New Years Eve I had 4 customers that ran into an emergency. They had purchased a larger game for 12-20 as 12 had confirmed, then at the last minute a couple backed out of each of these parties. I gave every one of these customers the 10 player game so their party would not turn out to be a disaster. They only had to print out the new secrets sheets to make their party work. How many of my competitors would have been available to these panic stricken customers by phone on New Years Eve and helped them pull off their party at the last minute... for free no less?

I get many customers that know absolutely nothing about computers. These customers can contact me and I walk them through downloading, opening and printing their games. You could say that I provide a mini crash course in computers! I have helped many newbie computer customers that were experiencing problems due to insidious spyware put out by unethical companies. I helped them find and get the programs that would clean up their computer. The list just goes on and on.

My promise to you the customer is that I am committed to you having a successful party and I will go the extra mile and beyond to insure this happens for you. My services do not end with the sale. The sale is just the beginning of my commitment to you.
Mary Lee
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Re: My Promise to your the Customer!

Postby gayfrancisco » July 29th, 2010, 11:58 am

Our Girl Scouts Death by Chocolate event made the front page of our local newspaper!
I have a pdf of Page 1 of The Paris Post-Intelligencer which features the Death by Chocolate murder mystery that I seem to be unable to e-mail to you. Is there another e-mail address I can successfully send it to? It's pretty awesome!
Thanks again!
Gay Francisco
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