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March 2009 Winner: Murder at the Four Deuces 2

Feedback on Murder at the Four Deuces 2 Parties!

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March 2009 Winner: Murder at the Four Deuces 2

Postby fouplay » March 24th, 2009, 5:46 pm

After several weeks of anticipation, Foulplay, a murder mystery club my friends and I created at our university, put on its first murder mystery party, Murder at the Four Deuces 2. I have previously played Murder at the Four Deuces, Immortal Murders, and Killer Reunion with my high school friends and I loved them. I explained to my college friends what a murder mystery game was and we wanted to use one of your games for a party. However, we didn’t have a space big enough to play in. With the realization that our school would not only provide free space on campus to host club events but also give us 50 dollars for club funds, Foulplay was born!

Foulplay had several meetings before in preparation for our first game. Members voted between Murder at the Four Deuces and The Santa Clause and submitted their top three character choices with everyone getting their first or second choice. To get into the spirit of things, our club also hosted a 1920s movie night featuring Chicago, The Untouchables, and Clue.

For decorations we choose black, red, and white streamers and balloons. Our historian also drew a bar wall, (we are all underage), signs announcing the party, and a phonograph which we draped over a laptop playing the 1920s radio station from your site for a little authenticity. The costumes were amazing and everyone showed up ready for a little foulplay.

After initial introductions, a few public arguments, and a couple double deals, the lights went out, a shot was heard, and Rebecca Ravioli was found dead. People ran into the room to witness the commotion and Don Wannabe was heard to remark,
“Hey I think there is a body in there”

to which Weiss Guy replied,
“You should keep better track of your guests”

Inspector Nutella took care of Rebecca and moved on to the evidence presentation.

Everyone received their secret books and the scheming and scamming began quickly. Money exchanged hands, everyone made full use of the poker table, and it was not uncommon to see people running into corners, eager to discuss and trade their newfound knowledge. We waited for about forty-five minutes before drawing for weapon and action cards to give everyone a chance to use their information and talk secretly (in my past experience, people started dying within five minutes if we pass them out right away). A double murder of Don Wannabe and Al Capone, orchestrated by the Irish Mob and Carrie Crooner quickly took place much to Meme Wannabe’s dismay:
“It’s going to take forever to get the blood out of the carpet”

As several ladies picked over Al Capone’s body, he indignantly asked,
“Are you seriously going to mug me in front of all these people?”

The rivalry between the Mayor and the Congressman was also similarly settled as the Mayor stated:
“I’m happy to say that the congressman and I have settled our differences”

just moments before the congressman collapsed.

The Mayor got his just desserts when the Inspector murdered him with arsenic. His body was found by his wife Mary Bumpkin who, while notably grieving, said:
“I’m your wife, give me your money”.

We wrapped things up with the Mayor’s murder (some people even wanted more time!). Inspector Nutella announced the murderer, everyone read their secret book, and certificates were awarded to Weiss Guy for best performer, Al Capone as the wealthiest, and Carrie Crooner Capone for the best costume. Playing the sequel before playing the first game was not an issue and everyone had a great time and want to help out with our next game.

Our bar wall
IMG_2824.JPG (188.34 KiB) Viewed 10173 times

Group Shot!
IMG_2779.JPG (87.98 KiB) Viewed 10177 times

Our hosts: Don and Meme Wannabe
IMG_2818.JPG (124.16 KiB) Viewed 10173 times

Come in if you dare! Al Capone checks incoming guests
IMG_2823.JPG (81.4 KiB) Viewed 10179 times

Guests can make a fortune or lose everything at our poker table
n1586130961_30557816_2591998.jpg (55.24 KiB) Viewed 10177 times

We were also featured in our school newspaper! (The x’s are used for confidentiality purposes)

Murder mystery club kills time

A prohibition-era Irish gangster conspired with the wife of a top Italian mobster Saturday night to take over a rival gang while simultaneously trying to solve a murder for which he was a suspect. XXXXX freshman Quinn played the role of the Irish mob boss in the first event thrown by Foul Play: A Murder Mystery Club, that is new at XXXXX.

A mix between a play and a board game, Foul Play gives students the chance to take on a character and participate in an elaborate game of Clue. The experience offers the opportunity for unlimited subplots as members try to unravel the mystery.

The Associated Students (AS) club, which was formed in January, throws murder mystery parties in which members are given character role books, complete with agendas, affairs, alliances and secrets, as part of a pre-written crime scenario. The goal of the game is to use each character’s sleuthing skills to discover the killer, or if one happens to be the killer, not to be discovered.

The club, which currently has 20 members, held its first event Saturday, Feb. 28 in XXXXX. The theme of the first game was the1920s era. Quinn, who is the club’s historian, said the first game was a success.

“There was a lot of enthusiasm,” he said. “Everyone dressed up and you get there and you see how enthusiastic other people are and you put forth that extra effort.”

Before the game, members are given character role books that contain the details, and dirty secrets, of their character. They are also given agendas of people they need to talk to during the party to help move the game along and uncover clues.

XXXXX freshman and club founder Maddy said the games do have a predetermined ending, but there is a lot of room for personality and choice.

Maddy and Quinn said lying, and trying to determine what kind of lies your character would tell, is encouraged and is part of the fun.

"If someone says to you ‘Hey, I think you’re the murderer,’ always say no, obviously,” Maddy said. “You’re allowed to blackmail; you can try to trick people.”

Quinn said the games have a set time limit and at the end the players fill out cards indicating who they think committed each of the murders. Players also vote on categories such as best actor and best costume.

Maddy said the club purchases the game materials, including character and crime descriptions, from a Web site. She said she had played similar games in high school and told her friends about them when she came to XXXXX.

“We really wanted to do one as a party but we didn’t have anywhere to do it,” she said. “Then we found out that clubs give us free space so we decided to make a club out of it and it’s working out really well.”

She said she has received numerous e-mails from people interested in joining the club, and there more than 30 members might be at the club’s next game.

The theme of the group’s next game, tentatively scheduled for the third week of April, is being voted on in a poll on the club’s message board. The choices include a casino-based murder scenario, a pirate-themed story and a cruise ship setting, among others.

XXXXX freshman and club secretary Erin said she is excited about hosting and participating in more events.

“At the end of the last game people were saying ‘I definitely want to help with the next one,’ which shows that people are enthusiastic about the next game because they had such a good time,” Jackson said.

The group is open to anyone with an interest and who can make it to meetings or keep in touch via the message board. Maddy said attending meetings or checking the message board regularly is required because character assignments are established prior to the actual game.

Participants come to the party already in character and are encouraged to be in costume to the best of their ability, she said.

The club also organizes a movie night in the theme of the upcoming game to help get members familiar with the particular period or scenario, she said.

She said the club used the money the AS provides to all new clubs to fund the first party, and is discussing fundraising options to help put on future events.

From all the members of Foulplay, we would like to thank you for making our first game a huge success and one that’s still being talked about to this day!

~Maddy, President of Foulplay
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